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Selby Shotokan Karate Club

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Night in Pictures

The three Yorkshire Clubs of Haxby, Selby and York met in the Punch Bowl, York for a small shandy and to "chew the fat"...enough words and now just pics...

Above : Paul and Mike from Selby and Haxby Clubs

Above: Thomas, Rebecca and Bernard from Selby

Thomas seemed to get a taste for beer in Whitchurch at Christmas that doesn't seem to have worn off yet. Rebecca is paying her full attention as normal - "whatever"

Above: Simon and Max from Haxby and York

I think it was "Hikiwake" in the drinking stakes, I am glad I wasn't giving either of them a lift home.

Above: Sensei Keith and Michael from York

If it was a caption competition I would put my money on, "Stop me if I have told you this one before......"

Above: James, Maja and Emma from York

Above : Helen, Mike, Lorainne and Johan - Selby,Haxby,Haxby and York

Who said "Johan who?" Johan the guy that will be grading for his Shodan in 2009, that's who! He is also known as Dave Stav's mentor as Johan has been a 1st Kyu as long as anyone can remember. Johan, just do 6 months concerted training and you would get Shodan easy!

Above: Sensei Helen - who needs to drink?

Happy New Year to you all - OSU!

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Sunday, December 28, 2008

SSKC 2008 review

Well, what a year it has been in 2008, it was only when I sat down to look back through the blog I realised that we had been so busy, the highlights:
  • Gradings - Sensei Kato came to York in Feb, June and October, Sensei Keith came to Barlby in December to grade some Yorkshire based Karateka that were not available to attend in October - 57 passes and Rebecca graded to Shodan at the Hombu dojo at Whitchurch in April.

  • Black and Brown belt courses - We attended all four Whitchurch courses and also managed to send six members to attend a JKS session in Nottingham.

  • Karate courses - Members attended courses in the UK with Sensei Dave Hooper JKA and Sensei Scott Langley JKS, we also attended the courses in Ireland with Sensei Kato and Toomey and Italy with Sensei Kato and Okazaki.

  • Competitions - We had a very successful club competition in May with sections for U9, U12 and U17. Rebecca went to the Irish Open (on her own!) and came back with a bronze and a silver. At the Europeans championships we gained 1 silver and 4 bronze medals and at the JKS National Open we gained 2 gold, 1 silver and 7 bronze medals.

  • Charity - We have supported Facing Africa throughout the year and have raised approx £1300 enough for the charity to carry out 2 extensive facial operations.

  • Blog - The blog has evolved dramatically in the last couple of months to a more website based appearance. It is actually 15 blogs all linked together so it will load quickly and you can choose what snippet of information you want to look at. It is also easy to navigate using the buttons in the sidebar. A kata and Welfare section has just been added, something that would have been impossible with the old set up. We have just increased the number of people available to contribute to the blog to 7 and Since Feb 08 over 9500 have logged into our blog from 121 different countries.

What have we to look forward to in 2009?

  • Gradings - Get some training in for the 22nd Feb 09 it will soon be here.

  • Competitions - Sensei Andy and I would like to increase the opportunities for our members in 2009 and we are busy behind the scenes, if you are interested please let Andy know.

  • Membership - We would like to increase our membership by 10 to 15 members, we plan to run a beginners course at the end of February 2009.

  • Schools - We have been asked to get involved with the local authority and run a few sessions in schools. If you think you can help please let me know.

Not bad for a small town in the middle of nowhere is it?

We also welcome your ideas for 2009, lets make 2009 better than ever.

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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Shotokan and Asai Ryu Katas

I have posted approx 150 kata videos, they are easily searched from a table of Shotokan and Asai Ryu kata.There are approximately 4 videos for each of the main 26 Shotokan kata and a few videos of some of the Asai Ryu kata.

The video are NOT posted so that you can teach yourself a kata, but are there for karateka like myself that forget a particular movement or transition. Please ask the advise of your Sensei what you should be practising for the development of your Karate.

All the Video are embeded from "U-Tube" and are in the public domain. However if you are the owner / holder of the copyright to a video and wish me to remove it, please drop me an e-mail and I will action your request with immediate effect.

I would also be very pleased to hear of your suggestions for the correction of spelling mistakes, additional names and videos to add to this data base of Shotokan and Asai Ryu Kata.

Hopefully the attached will help us all to follow the way, Osu!

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Thursday, December 25, 2008

The last Asai Interview

Many thanks to Andre Sensei for republishing the last Asai interview in the Shotokan way. Osu!

  • Asai Sensei Interview

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    Wednesday, December 24, 2008

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.

    If you have any spare cash to spend after Christmas visit the SSKC Shop following the link in the sidebar, there is a new bookshop there too.

    You can borrow a copy of any book displayed before you buy, just follow the link for details.

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    Sunday, December 21, 2008

    SSKC Christmas Display

    Another Year is nearly over and it is time for the Xmas display, presentation of the Trevor Jinks Cup and the taking of the annual photo.

    Above: Sensei Trevor presents the cup to Lucy

    It was a great honour for Lucy to presented her cup from Sensei Trevor who the cup is dedicated to. The cup is awarded in recognition of effort and diligence in karate.

    What did Lucy do to be awarded the cup?

    Well Lucy joined us with Josh Hartley from a background in Wado-ryu karate and found the transition to Shotokan difficult. She was unsuccessful in her first grading and achieved a temporary pass in her last grading. Despite this she was keen to take part in the JKS open in Nottingham and came away with a bronze medal!

    Lucy - You have kept going with your karate when most would have thrown the towel in, we salute you - "Ote-garni- rei" (We bow in respect to those we train with". I hope that those that follow in your footsteps that find the way difficult will be inspired by your efforts.

    Above: The 2008 Xmas photo

    Unfortunately we had 6 people missing for the photo but I was very pleased with the turn out.

    If you have been training for a while you can click on the gallery and see what you looked like in every year from 2004 onwards.

    A very impressive front row for our club, It would be nice to see a couple more Karateka kneeling in seiza in the front row next year, keep training hard and set your sights high for 2009.

    Merry Christmas and Happy new year to you all. Osu!

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    Wednesday, December 17, 2008

    A Big Welcome to Sempai Ian Clupan - Who?

    I would like to extend the clubs warmest welcome to Ian.
    Ian who you may ask?
    Well, Ian Joined SSKC back in 1986 and quickly graded to Shodan in 1990. If you search on the SSKC cups page you will see his name pop up as the winner of the Kata cup in 1988.
    I believe it was Ian's parents that sponsored the cup back in the Eighties, when trousers were flared and lapels were at least 4" wide.

    Ian has had a bit of a break from Shotokan although he has experienced other martial arts we are very happy to have him back training with us.
    Take a look at Ian's member page by clicking on the instructor button and then Ian's name.

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    Sunday, December 14, 2008

    Sensei Keith @ Selby

    Sensei Keith Gullen 7th Dan IJKA was teaching and grading at Selby tonight.

    It was great to see a few of York Club down, a big welcome to Maja, Simon, Michael, Lucas and James.

    Maja and Simon were grading along with Kelvin, Phoebe and little Josh from Selby. I am sure Maja and Simon benefited from the extra York club support.

    Above: Sensei Keith teaches back stance

    Sensei Keith is a Kihon man, get the basics right and we have something to build on. That is why I train with Sensei Keith on a Wednesday. It doesn't matter what grade you are there is always something to improve on. Or like me everything!

    Above: No escaping Mae Geri!
    You partner will never be too far away when you are holding on to them. Sensei Keith drilled the club in Mae, Yoko and Mawashi geri.
    Above: Sensei Keith teaches Sanbon Kumite

    Sensei went on to develop the Kihon into kumite, from beginner to black belt there was something to learn.

    While Sensei Keith and Andy graded the five students that missed out on the last gradings at York I took the rest of the class for Kata.
    We started with Kihon, punching Choku-Zuki to the front and 45 degrees, we went on to punch at targets, Michael, James and myself to practice contact. This was developed into Kiba dachi followed by stepping and punching Gyaku-Zuli developing power from the hip. After all the Kihon I went on to teach Di Ichi and Di Ni, two kata that are basic but are great for developing good form.

    The grading did not finish until nearly 8 O'Clock, congratulations to Maja and Simon from York, and Kelvin and Josh from Selby ( I have updated your member pages already with your new grades).

    Phoebe was very disappointed and a little upset, she did not pass this time round.

    I explained to Phoebe that Karate is a bit like life, we are not all winners, but if we work hard we will succeed. Phoebe has bags of potential and is an excellent karateka when she want to be. I am sure she will be the first to agree that she has not trained as hard as normal for this grading and the transition to a colour belt is a big step. These are adult gradings and a high standard is maintained by consistency across Europe.

    Remember that we have our display and Christmas photos next week so bring down all your certificates and medals that you won this year and do a bit of showing off!

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    Monday, December 08, 2008

    Moo Thai?

    At 03.45hrs on Sunday morning PJ wasn't sure whether "Moo Thai" was a better martial art than "Karate" (this was a very deep conversation with John)
    I know what Muay Thai is but I asked PJ if "Moo Thai" was a special martial art for Cows? PJ responded by trampling on my head and telling me "If you wont get up, shut up!"
    The clip below is for you Sensei PJ, is this "Moo Thai" or "Karate"?

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    Xmas Course @ Whitchurch

    Above: Sensei Kato

    For a change Sensei was not pointing at me, have I got a complex that Sensei is watching? I am sure he can see mistakes even when he is in a different room!

    Above: Sensei Rachel "aka" Helen

    Helen's alter ego Sensei Rachel was training this weekend, she seemed to give the Irish the same hard time that Helen gives, I tried to pay John from Stornaway £20 to take her away but he was having none of it.

    Above: Two old blokes enjoy a glass of wine (or two)

    Above: Becks and Emma

    On the Christmas course all grades are welcome to attend, Max and Emma were down from York and enjoyed the training and the odd glass of wine as well! It was great to see so many karateka down, there must have been close on forty black belts training over the weekend.

    I was rushing around on Friday and forgot to take my camera and Rebecca's packed up so I am afraid the photos are a bit limited.

    Many thanks to Sensei Kato, Keith and Brian for your instruction. I have always been rubbish at learning kata, but enjoyed it when Sensei Brian taught Joko Sanshin.Osu!

    Looking forward to the next course in February.

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    Thursday, December 04, 2008

    Asai Sensei



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    Wednesday, December 03, 2008

    Whitchurch at the weekend!

    Helen, Rebecca, Dom, Thomas and myself plan to get over the big hill to sensei Kato's at the weekend.
    Hopefully the M62 will be open and not snowed in!
    Looking forward to seeing everyone there from Scotland, Ireland and Wales, might even be able to squeeze a small shandy down for good measure.
    If we don't get back in time for training Sunday night Sensei Andy has it covered.
    At least it won't be another beasting session from Sensei Helen!
    (It's her nasty streak coming out)

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