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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Shotokan and Asai Ryu Katas

I have posted approx 150 kata videos, they are easily searched from a table of Shotokan and Asai Ryu kata.There are approximately 4 videos for each of the main 26 Shotokan kata and a few videos of some of the Asai Ryu kata.

The video are NOT posted so that you can teach yourself a kata, but are there for karateka like myself that forget a particular movement or transition. Please ask the advise of your Sensei what you should be practising for the development of your Karate.

All the Video are embeded from "U-Tube" and are in the public domain. However if you are the owner / holder of the copyright to a video and wish me to remove it, please drop me an e-mail and I will action your request with immediate effect.

I would also be very pleased to hear of your suggestions for the correction of spelling mistakes, additional names and videos to add to this data base of Shotokan and Asai Ryu Kata.

Hopefully the attached will help us all to follow the way, Osu!

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