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Monday, December 08, 2008

Xmas Course @ Whitchurch

Above: Sensei Kato

For a change Sensei was not pointing at me, have I got a complex that Sensei is watching? I am sure he can see mistakes even when he is in a different room!

Above: Sensei Rachel "aka" Helen

Helen's alter ego Sensei Rachel was training this weekend, she seemed to give the Irish the same hard time that Helen gives, I tried to pay John from Stornaway £20 to take her away but he was having none of it.

Above: Two old blokes enjoy a glass of wine (or two)

Above: Becks and Emma

On the Christmas course all grades are welcome to attend, Max and Emma were down from York and enjoyed the training and the odd glass of wine as well! It was great to see so many karateka down, there must have been close on forty black belts training over the weekend.

I was rushing around on Friday and forgot to take my camera and Rebecca's packed up so I am afraid the photos are a bit limited.

Many thanks to Sensei Kato, Keith and Brian for your instruction. I have always been rubbish at learning kata, but enjoyed it when Sensei Brian taught Joko Sanshin.Osu!

Looking forward to the next course in February.

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