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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Night in Pictures

The three Yorkshire Clubs of Haxby, Selby and York met in the Punch Bowl, York for a small shandy and to "chew the fat"...enough words and now just pics...

Above : Paul and Mike from Selby and Haxby Clubs

Above: Thomas, Rebecca and Bernard from Selby

Thomas seemed to get a taste for beer in Whitchurch at Christmas that doesn't seem to have worn off yet. Rebecca is paying her full attention as normal - "whatever"

Above: Simon and Max from Haxby and York

I think it was "Hikiwake" in the drinking stakes, I am glad I wasn't giving either of them a lift home.

Above: Sensei Keith and Michael from York

If it was a caption competition I would put my money on, "Stop me if I have told you this one before......"

Above: James, Maja and Emma from York

Above : Helen, Mike, Lorainne and Johan - Selby,Haxby,Haxby and York

Who said "Johan who?" Johan the guy that will be grading for his Shodan in 2009, that's who! He is also known as Dave Stav's mentor as Johan has been a 1st Kyu as long as anyone can remember. Johan, just do 6 months concerted training and you would get Shodan easy!

Above: Sensei Helen - who needs to drink?

Happy New Year to you all - OSU!

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