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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Big Welcome to Sempai Ian Clupan - Who?

I would like to extend the clubs warmest welcome to Ian.
Ian who you may ask?
Well, Ian Joined SSKC back in 1986 and quickly graded to Shodan in 1990. If you search on the SSKC cups page you will see his name pop up as the winner of the Kata cup in 1988.
I believe it was Ian's parents that sponsored the cup back in the Eighties, when trousers were flared and lapels were at least 4" wide.

Ian has had a bit of a break from Shotokan although he has experienced other martial arts we are very happy to have him back training with us.
Take a look at Ian's member page by clicking on the instructor button and then Ian's name.

Click on the yellow buttons below to return to the "HOME" or sskc "Instructor" pages

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