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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Personal Safety course with St Johns Selby

Above: A few of the St Johns members who attended
the Personal Safety course at Selby HQ

Just under 20 members took part in the four week course on Personal Safety.
I was not trying to turn them into karate kids ...I will leave that to Jackie Chan.
My main focus was on situation awareness and simple techniques.
How to stay safe on the streets, on foot, cycling, or a bus or train etc .
How to fall safely, break falls and rolls.
The St Johns, Assess, Act, Escape & Report.
Creating space using Dave Hazard's, No!..Yes! technique (this was my main focus)
Release from grabs.
Up Close and Dangerous - Palm Heels, Elbows, knees, Heels, stamps, scrapes etc
Personal Alarms and managing tension.

Thank you all for getting so involved, and in the words of an old TV programme..."Stay safe out there!"

If any other organisation in North Yorkshire is interested in running a personal safety course, drop me a line and we will try and tailor something to your requirements.

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sensei in Hungary 2007

Above : Kato Shihan in Budapest, Hungary 2007

A video demonstrating Kihon.
How many Selby Karateka can you spot in this dojo in Budapest?
Assisting Shihan is Andrey Dermenko Shihan 7th Dan IJKA Russia and Shsitsu Okazaki Shihan 7th Dan IJKA Japan.

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Sensei in Bulgaria 2008

Above : Kato Shihan and Nenov Sensei in Bulgaria

A short video from 2008, a bit of Heian Yodan etc.
You can compare what Sensei is teaching with what we did tonight. Osu!

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

SSKC on tour - Vienna - Austria

Kelvin writes........

This summer I decided to attend a 3 day international surgical conference which was this year based in Vienna(what a hardship!) I had some important preparation to do, however, before attending. I always try to get some form of recreation in when I go away, often packing gym/running gear in the vain hope of fulfilling this lofty goal. Then a revelation hit me….Karate.Could I manage to get a training session in whilst in Austria.

I managed to contact 2 clubs who replied, both were keen to have me training but only one was training on nights I would be there. This was Karate Union Wien (JKA): web address www.karate-kurse.at. So I packed my gi, put it in a rucksack & after the day’s machinations in a very historic medical lecture theatre took myself off, directions in hand to their dojo. Shunning an evening of food & wine with my surgical colleagues. It was quite a walk but I had been given good directions by Marcus. (1st Kyu)

The dojo was compact & bijou, there were 2 rooms in which 3 classes were run, beginners, coloured belts &, black & brown belts. The training was similar to ours, as was the mix of karateka, with kihon, kumite & kata. Great use was made of limited space. I was invited to be with the black & browns, starting with kihon then concentrating on kata as the gradings were approaching. From memory; we went through, Bassai dai, kanku dai, empi, jion & hangetsu. Finishing with some light sparring rotations.

I was treated extremely courteously & made to feel very welcome. The instruction I received was fantastic. As a bonus the session was run in English. Like us they have a sister club…In Salzburg! 4 hours by car.Their grading is in Munich. So no excuses for us! After this I was taken to a non tourist Viennese bar to sample the local wares before walking back through a beautiful city on a warm summer’s night.I must thank those who made my visit special, namely, Andreas Jericha (2nd Dan) and Franz Peischl (3rd Dan), Franz Winter, Stefan Quadlbauer, Michael Fangor & last but not least Marcus Poglitsch with whom I corresponded.

Karate whilst on tour? Most definitely!

Many thanks Kelvin for a very interesting review, more of the same from Selby Karateka please and remember don't go anywhere without your gi... (and send me the photos and write up to post), Osu!

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

An old friend re-visited.

With gradings behind us and a dojo full of karateka with bright new belts; I wanted to try something a little different that would challenge our students.
There was a kata that I used to practice with Stav a few years ago called Kashu (Hi no te): one of Asai Shihan's elemental kata based on Unsu (Fire).
Kato Shihan had asked Sensei Ash to practice it as part of his preparation for his Yondan grading. Dave and I were mid kyu grades, but we really liked this kata and would practice it at both Selby and Haxby dojo before anyone else arrived.

As well as challenging my students I also like to challenge myself.
How do I teach Kashu, when I have a mixed class from ungraded students to 1st Kyus?
I divided the class in half, green belt and below and purple and belt up.
For each sequence in the kata I taught a simplified version for the lower grades based on techniques that they know, or could easily pick up and the more advanced kata moves for the higher grades.

Lower grades:
Age Uke, Age Uke, Empi, Gedan bari......
Higher grades:
Jodan bari, Gyaku Zuki, Jodan bari, Gyaku Zuki, Shuto, Empi, Kentsui, Gedan bari....
The higher grades having typically 2 moves, sometimes 3 moves to each of the lower grades single moves.

We looked at the application of Jodan bari, and how combinations from the kata could be used in Jiyu Ippon Kumite for brown belts.
The importance of correct use of the hips in combinations like Kentsui, Gedan bari when you are moving from Kokutsu-dachi to Zenkutsu-dachi, making shomen mid technique is essential to develop power.
I love the application of move 20, Jim from Haxby went spinning to the floor as the strike landed, it has the feel of an Aikido move, you just seem to flow round your attacker as he dissolves at your feet.
I was certainly challenging myself trying to teach a high grade kata and devise a simplified kata as we went along and still maintain a fluid lesson.

I will have to ask Kato Shihan to teach it again, now hopefully my understanding has moved on a bit. I hope you enjoyed our visit to an old friend as much as I did? We won't do many sessions like this, but it is good to look into your future and what most of you were learning is how to learn a kata. By each of the higher grades taking a lead in rotation, it forced you to pay attention and at the end of the night you could all perform a 45 move kata that you had never seen before today, not a bad session, Osu!

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Kato Shihan - York - 12/13th June 2010

Kato Shihan ne rei, yet another brilliant weekend, Osu!

As usual a mix of Kihon, Kata and Kumite, followed by gradings.
Well done to everyone that graded and to the following Selby Karateka:
Luke and Shauna graded to 10th Kyu.
Jamie and Nathan earned their Green belt by achieving a temporary 6th Kyu grade.
David graded to full 6th Kyu.
Abby, Josh and Lewis all earned their Purple belt by achieving a temporary 5th Kyu grade.
It will be great to see you all in you new belts next week and will hopefully motivate you to step up your training and look forward to consolidating your kata and start learning new ones in preparation for future gradings.

Many thanks to Claire for taking some great photos which I have dropped into a short presentation.

Above: Kato Shihan - York Course - 13th June 2010

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Friday, June 11, 2010

More Shotokan and Asai Ryu Kata videos uploaded

I have uploaded a few more kata from Latvia and mainstream old JKA kata with Bunkai
  • Jurokupo
  • Juroppo
  • Gyaku Zuki No Kata
  • Zenkutsu Dachi No Kata
  • Kiba Dachi No Kata
  • Fushu (Kaze No Te) ( Wind Hands)
  • Bassai Dai
  • Kanku Dai
  • Jitte
If you follow the link to my kata page and double click on the kata name, it will take you to the video of the kata selected.

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Grading Inspiration

Take a look at this Dan grading at the JKS Honbu dojo showing part of the kihon techniques required for 1.dan - demonstrated by a 6 year old boy and a 7 year old girl - they both passed.

Above : Kagawa Sensei Students in Japan

If your kihon is delivered like this you want have any trouble with your gradings at the weekend.

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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Will all our dojo be full?

With the release of Karate kid 2 will all our dojo be full?
I didn't notice a big leap in attendance after Kung Fu Panda was released, but we did have a brilliant night out at the cinema with Haxby dojo.
Perhaps we need an IJKA Yorkshire night out when KK2 is released.
Perhaps Sensei Simon might find a couple of moves that will help him eventually win something...lol.

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Sunday, June 06, 2010

Gym Membership?

Are any Selby Karateka interested in joining the newly refurbished facilities at Selby Leisure? If you are can you let Paul know and he will find out more about corporate membership for SSKC members.

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Kick for Children with Cancer- 18th July 2010

"Kick for Children with Cancer" is a national sponsored football event, raising money for CLIC Sargent, the children’s cancer charity, patroned by Gary Lineker.

We would like all our karetaka from IJKA Yorkshire to get involved and raise money for this really worthwhile cause. You will receive more details with your sponsor packs at the course next week or from your Sensei. There will be a beat the Goalie/Sensei competition and lots of football skills sessions. You don't have to be any good at football to take part, the sessions will be designed for all abilities.

This year they hope to raise £150,000 to support children with cancer and their families. They want 100,000 children taking part. Schools, clubs and groups can choose to keep 25% of the money they raise with 75% going to support CLIC Sargent.

The money you raise by taking part in Kick for Children with Cancer will help CLIC Sargent continue its vital support and services to children with cancer and their families.

Watch the film to see how your support will make a real difference.

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Saturday, June 05, 2010

SSKC AGM 30th May 2010

The Club AGM was held last week please follow the link to the draft minutes.

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dojo closures

There will be no training at Barlby Dojo on Sunday 13th June due to training and grading all weekend with Sensei Kato.
There will be no training at Hambleton dojo on Wednesday 23rd June due to unavailability of the Hall.

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