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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Personal Safety course with St Johns Selby

Above: A few of the St Johns members who attended
the Personal Safety course at Selby HQ

Just under 20 members took part in the four week course on Personal Safety.
I was not trying to turn them into karate kids ...I will leave that to Jackie Chan.
My main focus was on situation awareness and simple techniques.
How to stay safe on the streets, on foot, cycling, or a bus or train etc .
How to fall safely, break falls and rolls.
The St Johns, Assess, Act, Escape & Report.
Creating space using Dave Hazard's, No!..Yes! technique (this was my main focus)
Release from grabs.
Up Close and Dangerous - Palm Heels, Elbows, knees, Heels, stamps, scrapes etc
Personal Alarms and managing tension.

Thank you all for getting so involved, and in the words of an old TV programme..."Stay safe out there!"

If any other organisation in North Yorkshire is interested in running a personal safety course, drop me a line and we will try and tailor something to your requirements.

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