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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

SSKC on tour - Vienna - Austria

Kelvin writes........

This summer I decided to attend a 3 day international surgical conference which was this year based in Vienna(what a hardship!) I had some important preparation to do, however, before attending. I always try to get some form of recreation in when I go away, often packing gym/running gear in the vain hope of fulfilling this lofty goal. Then a revelation hit me….Karate.Could I manage to get a training session in whilst in Austria.

I managed to contact 2 clubs who replied, both were keen to have me training but only one was training on nights I would be there. This was Karate Union Wien (JKA): web address www.karate-kurse.at. So I packed my gi, put it in a rucksack & after the day’s machinations in a very historic medical lecture theatre took myself off, directions in hand to their dojo. Shunning an evening of food & wine with my surgical colleagues. It was quite a walk but I had been given good directions by Marcus. (1st Kyu)

The dojo was compact & bijou, there were 2 rooms in which 3 classes were run, beginners, coloured belts &, black & brown belts. The training was similar to ours, as was the mix of karateka, with kihon, kumite & kata. Great use was made of limited space. I was invited to be with the black & browns, starting with kihon then concentrating on kata as the gradings were approaching. From memory; we went through, Bassai dai, kanku dai, empi, jion & hangetsu. Finishing with some light sparring rotations.

I was treated extremely courteously & made to feel very welcome. The instruction I received was fantastic. As a bonus the session was run in English. Like us they have a sister club…In Salzburg! 4 hours by car.Their grading is in Munich. So no excuses for us! After this I was taken to a non tourist Viennese bar to sample the local wares before walking back through a beautiful city on a warm summer’s night.I must thank those who made my visit special, namely, Andreas Jericha (2nd Dan) and Franz Peischl (3rd Dan), Franz Winter, Stefan Quadlbauer, Michael Fangor & last but not least Marcus Poglitsch with whom I corresponded.

Karate whilst on tour? Most definitely!

Many thanks Kelvin for a very interesting review, more of the same from Selby Karateka please and remember don't go anywhere without your gi... (and send me the photos and write up to post), Osu!

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