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Selby Shotokan Karate Club

Monday, May 25, 2009

Kato Shihan - Course & Grading - 13/4th June 09

Above : Kato Shihan and Simon

Sensei Kato 9th Dan IJKA chief instructor is coming to the Haxby Dojo at Wiggington Recreation Hall on Saturday and Sunday 13th/14th June 2009.

Full details of the weekend:
Saturday 13th - Wiggington Recreation Hall
1.30pm for 2pm to 4 pm training
4pm to 5 pm High Grades Only

Sunday 14th - Wiggington Recreation Hall
9.30am for 10am to 1pm training and gradings

Training Fees - £18.00

Grading Fees - £10.00 / £6.00 (12th to 10th Kyu)
If you are grading you MUST attend the course as well.

All Selby members please let Paul know ASAP if you intend to attend &/or grade. I will make out your grading forms and pass to Sensei Ian the week before the course. Unfortunately I am away for the course and will not be able to attend myself. You will need to take your IJKA licences and pay Sensei Ian on the day.

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

SSKC May Comp Post updated

I have posted videos of the seven finals under the original post.

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Active York Open Day

Active York held an open day in York town centre on Saturday and karateka were there from Haxby, Selby and York clubs to promote the IJKA.

Above : Senpai Simon manning the stall

Between the three clubs we produced a well rounded display. Many thanks to all of you who participated and helped out handing out leaflets. Our Display consisted of the following:

1. Kata - Bassai Dai - Dom & Bex - SSKC, 2. Kumite - Gohon - Conor, Alex - YSKC, 3. Kata - Team Heian Yondan - Elanor, Conor & Alex - YSKC, 4. Kumite - Don & Max - YSKC, 5. Kumite - Jiyu Ippon - Dom & Bex - SSKC, 6. Kumite - Jiyu Ippon - Sensei Mike and Simon - HSKC, 7. Kata - Team Heian Nidan - Holly, Tom & Nick - HSKC, 8. Kata- Family Heian Shodan - The Bamfords - HSKC, 9. Self defense - Emma & Mike - YSKC, 10. Triangle Training - Mike, Don & Max - YSKC, 11. Kata & Bunkai - Sensei Mike, Paul & Simon - H&SSKC's.

Above : Elanor, Conor and Alex - YSKC - Heian Yondan

All of the individual elements were very well received, we pulled the biggest crowd of the day and after each section there was a big round of applause. Our students did us proud and there were some very positive feedback from members of the public.

Above : Mike & Emma - YSKC - Self defense

Emma put together a strong display for a green belt, we will be sorry to see her go when she returns to University in the Autumn. Emma has promised to maintain her links with the IJKA and turn up at Sensei Kato's Christmas course. Emma, not a lady to be messed with apparently.

Above : Sensei Mike and Simon - HSKC - Jiyu Ippon Kumite

As Sensei Mike stamps on Simon's head, Shihan Gullen heard a lady from the crowd say, "Well there was no need for that, was there?". The initial Jiyu Ippon defence was delivered slowly and controlled so the full technique could be demonstrated and then the next attack and defense, speed and power. Look out for Simon's excellent Mawashi Geri at the end. Sensei Mike was glad he pulled his head back just a little.

Above : Sensei Mike, Paul and Simon - Kanku Sho Bunkai

At the end of the demo we performed Kanku Sho, after returning to yoi we went straight into the bunkai. It went about 95% to plan, we were reasonably happy with the result considering the amount of time we had to put it together.

Leaflets were handed out for free karate sessions at any of the IJKA Yorkshire clubs of Haxby, Selby or York. If you didn't pick up a leaflet, but are interested in participating in a couple of free sessions just drop me a E Mail and I will be happy to make the necessary introductions.

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Friday, May 22, 2009

Worcester's website is open

Sensei Steve Cameron 3rd Dan IJKA has just launched the Worcester club website.

Steve is working hard to build up his dojo, if you are ever in the area give him a call and drop in for a bit of extra training.

I have added a permanent link to the site from our links section so you can keep an eye on what Sensei Steve is up to.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Kato Shihan - Gankaku

Above: Kato Shihan 9th Dan IJKA - Gankaku

Kato Shihan teaching Gankaku kata and Bunkai in Riga, 2007 enjoy.
I have also added it to the Gankaku page in the kata section.
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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Kato Shihan - Sochin

Above: Kato Shihan 9th Dan IJKA - Sochin

Kato Shihan teaching Sochin kata and Bunkai enjoy. I have also added it to the Sochin page in the kata section.
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Sunday, May 17, 2009

SSKC Inter Club Competition

What a great evening!
Thank You to everyone that took part and made the evening a great success.
Karateka from Haxby and York clubs were invited to take part in the SSKC competition.
It is one thing to invite other clubs, but surely it was bad manners of Haxby to walk off with all our silverware.
Congratulations Nick for winning both the TSB Kata and Kumite Cups, hopefully this will inspire you to train even harder towards your black belt.

The results of tonight's competition were:

U9 Kata
1st - Josh Hardy - Selby
2nd - Jake Taylor - Selby
3rd - Liam Benyezzar - Selby

Above: Josh & Jake - U9 Kata Final

U12 Kata
1st - Holly Bamford - Haxby
2nd - Lucas Mortimer - York
3rd - Alex Woodruff - York

Above:Conor & Holly - U12 Kata Final

U17 Kata
1st - Nicholas Mina - Haxby - TSB Cup
2nd - Josh Hartley - Selby
3rd - Sam Dennis - Selby

Above : Josh & Nick - TSB Cup Final

Family Kata
1st - Bamford Family - Haxby
2nd - Mizen Family - Selby
3rd - Dallison Family - Selby

Above: Bamfords and Mizens - Family Kata Final

U9 Kumite
1st - Jake Taylor - Selby
2nd - Josh Hardy -Selby
3rd - Liam Benyezzar - Selby

Above: Josh & Jake - U9 Kumite Final (Knee Boxing)

U12 Kumite
1st - Eleanor Dook - York
2nd - Conor Jackson - York
3rd - Alex Woodruff - York

Above: Elanor & Connor - U12 Gohon Kumite Final

U17 Kumite
1st - Nicholas Mina - Haxby - Kumite Cup
2nd - Josh Hartley - Selby
3rd - Thomas Smith - Haxby

Above: Josh & Nick - Kumite Cup Final

Many thanks to Shihan Gullen, Sensei Denby, Gude, Shaw, Cook, Culpan, Milner and Flint for referee and Judging duties, not forgetting Bernard, Claire, Rebecca and Georgia for your admin support.

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Karate at Barlby Primary Schools

Sensei Andy's sessions are still going strong. It is was week 5 at Hilltop and week 4 at Barlby bridge. A total of 37 young karateka took part this week. Keep up the good work.

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Milner Sensei visits Alsager

We are still tracking the movements of CSI Selby, or is it CSI Watford now? Our intelligence sources have reported sightings of her in the North West of England and she has been very remiss to let photographic evidence leak out. We understand that she has been attending secret additional sessions, learning treasured Asai Ryu kata,the story will continue...

Click on the link below to the Whitchurch blog to see what she has been up to?

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Holiday Snaps

Above: Holiday Snaps from Ghana
Unfortunately no photos in the montage of me training in the late afternoons, the temperature would drop to the low 30's just before it went dark. I would manage to get in about 25 minutes of stretching and Kihon and it was although someone just turned the lights out and it was pitch Black.
Not Karate, but I thought I would share with you anyway, Osu!

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

2 New Kata videos added

I have added two new brilliant videos in the kata session.

Yahara Sensei performing Empi (about 9 mins!)
Imura Sensei performing Jitte (nearly 8 mins!)

Also thank you to Jim from Haxby who kindly pointed out an error in a link which I have now corrected. If anyone finds any similar errors please drop me an E-mail.

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Monday, May 04, 2009

Club AGM and Competition - May 2009

Many thanks to Sensei Mike Gude for popping down to Selby yesterday and taking the youngsters while we held our AGM.

We had a great turn out with seventeen of us around the table, the following Club posts were elected:
Chairman : Andy Denby
Secretary : Paul Brant
Treasurer : Paul Brant
Welfare Officers : Helen Milner and Claire Hardy
Social events organiser : Julie Dallison

The SSKC competition is in two weeks we have had a good turn out of entrants from Haxby and York clubs so we will have a lot to get through there are 7 events with over sixty entrants!
That means 80 matches not including any draws!
Please turn up at the dojo for 17.15hrs so we can commence promptly at 17.30hrs.

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Friday, May 01, 2009

Bowling in York

Haxby club are holding a Bowling evening on Monday 18th May, in lieu of training as the blood donors will be using the hall. If anyone is interested please let me know on Sunday.

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Open Day in York 23rd May

Haxby, York and Selby clubs are taking part in an "Active York" sports club day in Parliament street in the centre of York. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to promote our clubs in the community. we will have a stall to man from 10am to 4pm and we have a 25 min display slot to fill at around Noon.

We would like to encourage a many members as possible to support the day ideally from 11am to 1 pm as a core time for those with other commitments.

Each of the clubs will take up some of the slot and we will produce some flyers with details of the three clubs on.

If you make it please let your club instructors know ASAP, any assistance will be greatly received.

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