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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Active York Open Day

Active York held an open day in York town centre on Saturday and karateka were there from Haxby, Selby and York clubs to promote the IJKA.

Above : Senpai Simon manning the stall

Between the three clubs we produced a well rounded display. Many thanks to all of you who participated and helped out handing out leaflets. Our Display consisted of the following:

1. Kata - Bassai Dai - Dom & Bex - SSKC, 2. Kumite - Gohon - Conor, Alex - YSKC, 3. Kata - Team Heian Yondan - Elanor, Conor & Alex - YSKC, 4. Kumite - Don & Max - YSKC, 5. Kumite - Jiyu Ippon - Dom & Bex - SSKC, 6. Kumite - Jiyu Ippon - Sensei Mike and Simon - HSKC, 7. Kata - Team Heian Nidan - Holly, Tom & Nick - HSKC, 8. Kata- Family Heian Shodan - The Bamfords - HSKC, 9. Self defense - Emma & Mike - YSKC, 10. Triangle Training - Mike, Don & Max - YSKC, 11. Kata & Bunkai - Sensei Mike, Paul & Simon - H&SSKC's.

Above : Elanor, Conor and Alex - YSKC - Heian Yondan

All of the individual elements were very well received, we pulled the biggest crowd of the day and after each section there was a big round of applause. Our students did us proud and there were some very positive feedback from members of the public.

Above : Mike & Emma - YSKC - Self defense

Emma put together a strong display for a green belt, we will be sorry to see her go when she returns to University in the Autumn. Emma has promised to maintain her links with the IJKA and turn up at Sensei Kato's Christmas course. Emma, not a lady to be messed with apparently.

Above : Sensei Mike and Simon - HSKC - Jiyu Ippon Kumite

As Sensei Mike stamps on Simon's head, Shihan Gullen heard a lady from the crowd say, "Well there was no need for that, was there?". The initial Jiyu Ippon defence was delivered slowly and controlled so the full technique could be demonstrated and then the next attack and defense, speed and power. Look out for Simon's excellent Mawashi Geri at the end. Sensei Mike was glad he pulled his head back just a little.

Above : Sensei Mike, Paul and Simon - Kanku Sho Bunkai

At the end of the demo we performed Kanku Sho, after returning to yoi we went straight into the bunkai. It went about 95% to plan, we were reasonably happy with the result considering the amount of time we had to put it together.

Leaflets were handed out for free karate sessions at any of the IJKA Yorkshire clubs of Haxby, Selby or York. If you didn't pick up a leaflet, but are interested in participating in a couple of free sessions just drop me a E Mail and I will be happy to make the necessary introductions.

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