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Sunday, May 17, 2009

SSKC Inter Club Competition

What a great evening!
Thank You to everyone that took part and made the evening a great success.
Karateka from Haxby and York clubs were invited to take part in the SSKC competition.
It is one thing to invite other clubs, but surely it was bad manners of Haxby to walk off with all our silverware.
Congratulations Nick for winning both the TSB Kata and Kumite Cups, hopefully this will inspire you to train even harder towards your black belt.

The results of tonight's competition were:

U9 Kata
1st - Josh Hardy - Selby
2nd - Jake Taylor - Selby
3rd - Liam Benyezzar - Selby

Above: Josh & Jake - U9 Kata Final

U12 Kata
1st - Holly Bamford - Haxby
2nd - Lucas Mortimer - York
3rd - Alex Woodruff - York

Above:Conor & Holly - U12 Kata Final

U17 Kata
1st - Nicholas Mina - Haxby - TSB Cup
2nd - Josh Hartley - Selby
3rd - Sam Dennis - Selby

Above : Josh & Nick - TSB Cup Final

Family Kata
1st - Bamford Family - Haxby
2nd - Mizen Family - Selby
3rd - Dallison Family - Selby

Above: Bamfords and Mizens - Family Kata Final

U9 Kumite
1st - Jake Taylor - Selby
2nd - Josh Hardy -Selby
3rd - Liam Benyezzar - Selby

Above: Josh & Jake - U9 Kumite Final (Knee Boxing)

U12 Kumite
1st - Eleanor Dook - York
2nd - Conor Jackson - York
3rd - Alex Woodruff - York

Above: Elanor & Connor - U12 Gohon Kumite Final

U17 Kumite
1st - Nicholas Mina - Haxby - Kumite Cup
2nd - Josh Hartley - Selby
3rd - Thomas Smith - Haxby

Above: Josh & Nick - Kumite Cup Final

Many thanks to Shihan Gullen, Sensei Denby, Gude, Shaw, Cook, Culpan, Milner and Flint for referee and Judging duties, not forgetting Bernard, Claire, Rebecca and Georgia for your admin support.

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