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Selby Shotokan Karate Club

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Selby - Haxby Cse with Kato Shihan Feb 2009

Above : Too many photos to post so please enjoy this montage.

Thank you to all our students who attended Sensei Kato's course last weekend. Our visitors from Ireland were impressed by the attendance by all grades, the standard of karate and welcoming atmoshere of our club. See you all Sunday for the start of our Spring beginners course.

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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Selby Hosts Sensei Kato - Feb 09

Above: The Course Photo

What an absolutely brilliant weekend!

Kato Shihan 9th Dan IJKA World Chief Instructor visited the Selby dojo, the first time in about 20+ years. Karateka from Selby, Haxby and York dojos trained on Saturday at Selby and Haxby on the Sunday prior to thirty one Karateka grading.

We were very pleased to have with us Sensei Stacey and Claire from Ireland, who brought with them Malcolm who graded to 2nd Kyu on Sunday. I believe it was his first grading with the IJKA, he didn't seem to be phased so far from home, congratulations on obtaining your 2nd Kyu!

On Saturday Sensei taught a two hour class for all grades and a further session for Black and Brown belts where he taught Shotei Sho, I have a couple of clips of some of the bunkai and Sensei teaching the circular hand techniques which I will post when I get a chance.

Sensei Steve Cook from Selby joined us for training on the Sunday. He has been unable to train for a few years due to family and business commitments, but he has not lost any of his skills. Great to see you training Steve.

Sensei Mark was over from Whitchurch on Sunday and Shihan put him on the spot when he sent all the Black Belts into the anti-room for Mark to teach us Joko Nisei. I am sure even when Kato Shihan is teaching one of the Asai Ryu kata he will give himself a few minutes to think through the kata again and get it back in his head. Sensei Mark did not have the luxury of even a few seconds. Twenty minutes later Kato Shihan was back to see the results, apart from one hand position on one technique we were ok, Sensei Mark had saved us all a lot of money because Shihan was going to charge us one beer for every mistake!

More photos of the two day course will be posted soon....(when I get a minute). The member table and all the individual member pages have all been updated with your new grades, my congratulations go to the seventeen students from Selby that graded today, well done to you all.

We now have at Selby eleven purple and Brown belts, look forward to some great sessions over the coming months. You now have some good foundations on which to build your karate.
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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Yamaguchi sensei Videos

Above & Below : Yamaguchi Sensei 6th Dan JKS

Asai Ryu karate is alive in Yamaguchi Sensei, Osu!

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Asai Sensei Video

Above : Asai Sensei Video

Mnay thanks to Bertel Sensei for sharing another video of our late Shihan, Osu!

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Friday, February 13, 2009

Thoughts for today

Just catching up after a busy week and thought I would share a couple of thoughts with you.

Pride in our clubs and association
From a beginner we talk about Etiquette, this is a very important part of our Karate.
On Tuesday we trained as guests with Sensei Ohta from the JKA.
Our members stood to attention when Sensei was talking and paid our instructor and hosts the relevant respect, from our youngest members to our Senior Black Belts.
Sadly this was not true of all karateka present.
When you visit other clubs, good clubs you can not help but compare both our Etiquette and our technique...we come from a club and an association that we can be very proud of.

How Lucky am I?
I am a Shodan who only found karate in his late 30's and have worked quite hard to get not very far. Although my Sensei are sometimes frustrated by my lack of progress, I enjoy my karate.......
Last weekend I stayed at Sensei Kato's house (our 9th Dan Worldwide chief Instructor) to train for the weekend.
I trained Saturday and Sunday with Sensei in a class of Black belts with as many 4th to 7th Dans as 1st to 3rd Dans.
On Sunday night I trained with my own Instructor Sensei Andy a 5th Dan.
On Tuesday night I trained with Ohta Sensei a 6th Dan.
On Wednesday night I trained at York with Sensei Keith a 7th Dan.
On Thursday I trained at Haxby with Sensei Mike a 5th Dan.
This week Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday in will train again with Sensei Andy, Keith and Mike.
The following week Sensei Kato for the full weekend in York.
In four weeks, three days training with Kagawa Sensei 8th Dan in Nottingham.
Sensei-ne-rei, Osu!

Some Karateka can train for years and years and never receive instruction from a senior dan grade.

How lucky am I?

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Videos from the Japan National team

The videos below will take Sensei Keith back to his days at Takushoku University.

Above : Etiquette

Above : Basic Stances

Above : Punching Techniques

Above : Blocking Techniques

Above : Kicking Techniques

Above : Kumite

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Kuro Obiya

Simon asked me over the weekend where he could buy himself an embroidered belt, I thought I would put the details in the Shop for all to read. Hirota - Tokadio and more......

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Ohta Sensei - 6th Dan JKA

Above & Below : Ohta sensei 6th Dan JKA

Many thanks to our friends from York Kenshinkan for inviting us to join them last night.

It was the first time that Ohta Sensei had visited them as their Chief Instructor. Sensei concentrated on basics in both Kihon, Kumite and Kata. Affirming good foundations.

Helen, Rebecca, Kelvin and myself joined with members from both York and Haxby clubs, we found Ohta Sensei's instruction to be very similar to IJKA. There were a few subtle differences from what the Kenshinkan were used to but our styles are not a million miles apart, we have plenty in common to focus on.

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Monday, February 09, 2009

SSKC Diary 2009

I have just added what I know so far, dates as always can be a little flexible,.

I will do my best to maintain the table that is posted in the Diary post, just click on the yellow "Diary" button in the sidebar to see the most up to date version.

7/8th February 2009WhitchurchBlack and Brown Belt Training
21/22nd February 2009Barlby / YorkKato Shihan Cse & Grading
1st March 2009SSKC Barlby SchoolSpring Beginners Course
18/19th April 2009WhitchurchBlack and Brown Belt Training
24/26th April 2009Sofia, Bulgaria6th Int Shoto Cup
3rd May 2009SSKC Barlby SchoolClub AGM
17th May 2009SSKC Barlby School Club Competition
13/14th June 2009YorkKato Shihan Cse & Grading
8/12th July 2009HungaryGasshuku
TBC July?WhitchurchBlack and Brown Belt Training
15th August 2009WorldwideAsai Sensei Memorial Day
TBC September?WhitchurchBlack and Brown Belt Training
20th September 2009SSKC Barlby SchoolAutumn Beginners Course
10/11th October 2009YorkKato Shihan Cse & Grading
7th November 2009NottinghamJKS Nationals

5/6th December 2009

WhitchurchChristmas Course
20th December 2009 SSKC Barlby SchoolChristmas Display

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Simon grades to Shodan

Above : Sensei Keith & Simon

It was a little cold at Sensei Kato's this weekend, Simon keeps warm in a sleeping bag and adopts a latent training technique that he learnt from his Instructor - Sensei Ian Shaw.

A few less karateka on the course due to the weather etc, but yet again an excellent time. I enjoyed the kata, Sensei focusing on instructing on the core Shotokan kata where he sees the most mistakes.

Sensei also went on to teach Joko Nesei, but I must admit I never really got to grips with it. The grey cell let me down again. It appeared to be more complex than Joko Issei and Sansei, but perhaps that is just me?

As always Simon trained hard over the weekend and performed well in his grading, a well deserved pass.

Congratulations Simon on attaining your Shodan - well done!

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Monday, February 02, 2009

Congratulations Abby

On Sunday Gullen Shihan visited Selby to take our members through a mock grading in preparation for the gradings on the 22nd February with Kato Shihan.

Abby will be away on that weekend and so we asked for special permission for her to be graded.

Abby's page has been updated in the "members" section to show her new grade.

Congratulations Abby on attaining your 9th Kyu - well done!

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