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Friday, February 13, 2009

Thoughts for today

Just catching up after a busy week and thought I would share a couple of thoughts with you.

Pride in our clubs and association
From a beginner we talk about Etiquette, this is a very important part of our Karate.
On Tuesday we trained as guests with Sensei Ohta from the JKA.
Our members stood to attention when Sensei was talking and paid our instructor and hosts the relevant respect, from our youngest members to our Senior Black Belts.
Sadly this was not true of all karateka present.
When you visit other clubs, good clubs you can not help but compare both our Etiquette and our technique...we come from a club and an association that we can be very proud of.

How Lucky am I?
I am a Shodan who only found karate in his late 30's and have worked quite hard to get not very far. Although my Sensei are sometimes frustrated by my lack of progress, I enjoy my karate.......
Last weekend I stayed at Sensei Kato's house (our 9th Dan Worldwide chief Instructor) to train for the weekend.
I trained Saturday and Sunday with Sensei in a class of Black belts with as many 4th to 7th Dans as 1st to 3rd Dans.
On Sunday night I trained with my own Instructor Sensei Andy a 5th Dan.
On Tuesday night I trained with Ohta Sensei a 6th Dan.
On Wednesday night I trained at York with Sensei Keith a 7th Dan.
On Thursday I trained at Haxby with Sensei Mike a 5th Dan.
This week Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday in will train again with Sensei Andy, Keith and Mike.
The following week Sensei Kato for the full weekend in York.
In four weeks, three days training with Kagawa Sensei 8th Dan in Nottingham.
Sensei-ne-rei, Osu!

Some Karateka can train for years and years and never receive instruction from a senior dan grade.

How lucky am I?

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