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Monday, February 09, 2009

Simon grades to Shodan

Above : Sensei Keith & Simon

It was a little cold at Sensei Kato's this weekend, Simon keeps warm in a sleeping bag and adopts a latent training technique that he learnt from his Instructor - Sensei Ian Shaw.

A few less karateka on the course due to the weather etc, but yet again an excellent time. I enjoyed the kata, Sensei focusing on instructing on the core Shotokan kata where he sees the most mistakes.

Sensei also went on to teach Joko Nesei, but I must admit I never really got to grips with it. The grey cell let me down again. It appeared to be more complex than Joko Issei and Sansei, but perhaps that is just me?

As always Simon trained hard over the weekend and performed well in his grading, a well deserved pass.

Congratulations Simon on attaining your Shodan - well done!

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