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Selby Shotokan Karate Club

Sunday, February 27, 2011

February Gradings

Above: James, Alan and Danny Sensei

A big thank you to Sensei Alan and Scott for a great course and grading, the first of many at Joseph Rowntree School York, in their brand new sports hall, A great venue.

Above: Sensei Alan takes the higher grades

Above: while Sensei Scott takes the lower grades

Many Congratulations to our fifteen students that graded today, I am very proud of all your efforts, a brilliant grading for our club.
Not forgetting the fourteen members of Haxby club that did OK as well.

Rebecca you have done a brilliant job with our younger members, you managed to be strict and relaxed at the same time.
Above: Jamie and some of the lower grades

2 = x3 graded, 1 = x2.5 graded, 3 = x2 graded and 1= x1.5 graded, that's 16 gradings from your 7 students!
Above: Charlotte, Jenson and Molly

Jenson and Molly both double graded to 11th Kyu.
Charlotte and Phoebe both had outstanding gradings and achieved our first ever triple gradings for Selby Club, grading straight to 10th Kyu.
Joseph jumped 1.5 grades from 11th Kyu to 9th Kyu (temp).

Jamie jumped 2.5 grades from 12th Kyu to 9th Kyu (temp).
Marcus double graded for the second time running from 11th Kyu to 9th Kyu.

David achieved 7th Kyu (temp) & his yellow belt.
Jamie got rid of his temp grade and moved to a full 6th Kyu.
Josh R moved up a full grade to 6th Kyu Green Belt.
Josh H and Abby also both got rid of their temporary 5th Kyu grades.

Above: Abby and Josh during their grading

David looked mean with his new haircut and achieved 5th Kyu and a new purple Belt.
Claire hasn't graded for 2 years following the birth of Tia, but achieved a 1.5 grading to 3rd Kyu Brown Belt, It is now that the training moving forward needs to be more focused as you journey to Shodan.
Kelvin graded from 3rd Kyu to 2nd Kyu (temp).

Above Sensei Simon and Kelvin

Again, Congratulations to all our students.
To progress past Green Belt you need to be training regularly, ideally twice a week and some practice at home.
To progress through your Brown belts, two to three times a week with a couple of hours self training a week and a bit of aerobic and flexibility exercise as well.

There are opportunities to train on Wednesdays and Sunday at Hambleton and Barlby dojo.
As members of Selby dojo you will also be made very welcome at either York or Haxby clubs on a Monday, Wednesday or Thursday, loads of opportunity in a relatively short distance from home.

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Saturday, February 26, 2011

More Asai Ryu and Shotokan kata uploaded

I have uploaded a few more videos:

Shotokan Kata :
Heian Yondan, Unsu, Tekki Nidan and Sandan with and without Commentary by Walker Sensei from the SKI in America (but originally Darlington in the NE)
Nijushiho, team kata and Bunkai by Karateka unknown and by Sensei Eiken Hamasaki 5th Dan JKA

Asai Ryu :
Kakuyoku Nidan byBertel Sensei 6th Dan from New Zealand.
Meikyo Nidan and Sandan from JKA Spain
Kashu Bunkai by Amos and Yamaguchi Sensei

Update on the database:
Shotokan kata: 175 videos in total from 26 kata of the 26 listed
Asai Ryu Kata : 126 Videos in total from 43 kata of the 84 listed
Kato Ryu Kata: 12 Videos in total from 5 kata of the 7 listed
Koller Ryu Kata: 2 video in total from 1 kata of the 1 listed
Wheelchair Kata: 8 Videos in total from 7 kata of the 18 listed
Total number of videos in the database = 323

If you follow the link to my kata page and double click on the kata name, it will take you to the video of the kata selected.

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Friday, February 25, 2011

The 4th SSKC Competition - 2011

Presents the 2011
4th SSKC Karate Championships - Sunday 1st May 2011

Barlby High School, York Road, Barlby, Selby YO8 5JP

The aim of the championships is to teach our students about competitions and provide our higher grades with experience in running competitions, so they can assist and officiate in future Open championships.

There will be up to thirteen events with Cups and medals for each event.

Registration 13.00hrs, Championships start 13.30 hrs prompt!

There is a fee of £10.00 for each karateka, this covers entry into all events that your Sensei will select you for.
Your fee must be paid to you club by 9th April when entries will close, there will be no entries on the day.
Event 1 – Under 9 - Kata – Mixed
Event 2 – Under 12 - Kata – Mixed
Event 3 – Under 17 – Kata – Mixed “The TSB Cup
Event 4 – Over 16 – Kata – Mixed – Beg to 3rd Kyu “The Lawrence Hannah Cup
Event 5 – Over 16 – Kata – Mixed – 2nd & 1st Kyu + Under 22 Shodan “The Lawrence Hannah Cup
Event 6 – Family Kata – (Parent + Child or Child + Child) “The Gough & Kelly Cup
Event 7 – Under 9 Kumite – “Knee boxing” – Mixed
Event 8 – Under 12 – Kumite – Shobu Ippon – Mixed
Event 9 – Under 17 – Kumite – Shobu Ippon - Mixed “The SSKC Kumite Cup
Event 10 - Over 16 – Kumite – Shobu Ippon - Male – Beg to 3rd Kyu “The HT Scaffolding Cup
Event 11 – O16 – Kumite – Shobu Ippon – Female – Beg to 3rd Kyu - “The HT Scaffolding Cup
Event 12- O16 – Kumite – Shobu Ippon - Male – 2nd & 1st Kyu + U22 Shodan “The Denby Security Cup
Event 13 - O16 – Kumite – Shobu Ippon - Female – 2nd & 1st Kyu + U22 Shodan (TBC)

The Events will be run on two adjacent areas to the semi finals.
The Over 16 and finals of the junior events will be undertaken on a central area.
The event will conclude with cup and medal presentations.

All karateka will be expected to stay to the end of the event to support your club. The event will conclude at approx 17.30 hrs.

If you have never entered a competition before this, it's the ideal place to start, a friendly local event, check out the photos below to see how last years event went.

Above : U9 Kata

Above: U12 Kata

Above : U17 Kata

Above : O16 Kata - Beg to 3rd Kyu - Mixed

Above : O16 Kata - 2nd Kyu to Shodan - Mixed

Above: Family Kata

Above : U9 Kumite (Knee Boxing)

Above : U12 Kumite

Above : U17 Kumite

Above : O16 Kumite Beg to 3rd Kyu Male

Above : O16 Kumite Beg to 3rd Kyu Female

Above : O16 Kumite 2nd Kyu to Shodan Male

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Lego Karateka

Found this short clip and thought you might enjoy it.

I think I have seen a couple of Heian Shodans at the dojo done in this Lego-ryu style...lol

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Karate Competitions and Gradings

I have never really enjoyed the thought of Competition or Gradings, but they are both an important part of karate. The uneasiness in competition has helped me prepare for the uneasiness in grading and vice-versa.

We should also remember that we are all part of a Club and an Association, neither can develop unless the members are keen to represent them, both competing and behind the scenes.

The PM talks about the "Big Society" but in our "Little Society" should it not be, "What can my Club / Association do for me?" but "What can I do for my Club / Association"?

Sat 19th February 2011
Good luck to Abby who is competing at the Seibukan Children's Competition next weekend.
Abby is taking Rebecca with her for some additional support.

Sunday 27th February 2011
York Gradings - are you ready...have you been practicing?

Sunday 13th March 2011
Josh and Rebecca are preparing to take their 1st and 2nd Dan gradings, between now and then we all need to ensure they remain focused.

Sunday 1st May 2011
The 3rd SSKC Club Competition - I would like to see all our karateka represent our club.
Loads of Cups and Medals to be won!

Sunday 19th June 2011
If you are not grading in February you should be working towards your grading in June, don't leave it until May and realise it is too late again to focus your efforts.

Sunday 2nd October 2011
The York Karate Championships, I would like our dojo to take a big team to this event as we were unable to get there last year.

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

JKS - Summer Camp

The 2011 Summer Camp
Friday 8th to Sunday 10th July
Torbay Leisure Centre

A great opportunity to train with the top instructors from the JKS GB and Ireland.

Why not build it into a family mini break in a lovely resort and squeeze in 8 hours additional training.

If you book before the 25th June you will get a discount.
If you want more details please see Paul at either of the dojo.

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Sunday, February 06, 2011

JKS Course and Grading York - 27th Feb 2011

Haxby and Selby Shotokan Karate Clubs
host an
Open course and grading

Sensei Alan Campbell - 6th Dan

Sensei Scott Langley - 5th Dan

Sports Hall, Joseph Rowntree School - Haxby Rd- York - YO32 4BZ

Training Times:
Black and Brown Belt Training - 11.00 to 12.00 hrs - Training Fee - FREE!
(For B & B belts paying the £20 normal training fee)
Area A - Pee Wee's ( Under 11s - Beginner to 10th Kyu)
Pee Wee Training - 12.00 to 13.00 hrs Training Fee - £10.00
Pee Wee Grading - 13.00 hrs onwards Grading Fee - £9.50
Area B
Kyu and Dan Grade Training - 12.00 to 15.00hrs - Training Fee - £20.00
Kyu Gradings - 15.00hrs Onwards Grading Fee - £11.50

Please arrive in good time to register, get changed and ready to start on time.

No need to pre register, we look forward to seeing you on the day, Osu!

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