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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Karate Competitions and Gradings

I have never really enjoyed the thought of Competition or Gradings, but they are both an important part of karate. The uneasiness in competition has helped me prepare for the uneasiness in grading and vice-versa.

We should also remember that we are all part of a Club and an Association, neither can develop unless the members are keen to represent them, both competing and behind the scenes.

The PM talks about the "Big Society" but in our "Little Society" should it not be, "What can my Club / Association do for me?" but "What can I do for my Club / Association"?

Sat 19th February 2011
Good luck to Abby who is competing at the Seibukan Children's Competition next weekend.
Abby is taking Rebecca with her for some additional support.

Sunday 27th February 2011
York Gradings - are you ready...have you been practicing?

Sunday 13th March 2011
Josh and Rebecca are preparing to take their 1st and 2nd Dan gradings, between now and then we all need to ensure they remain focused.

Sunday 1st May 2011
The 3rd SSKC Club Competition - I would like to see all our karateka represent our club.
Loads of Cups and Medals to be won!

Sunday 19th June 2011
If you are not grading in February you should be working towards your grading in June, don't leave it until May and realise it is too late again to focus your efforts.

Sunday 2nd October 2011
The York Karate Championships, I would like our dojo to take a big team to this event as we were unable to get there last year.

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