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Saturday, February 26, 2011

More Asai Ryu and Shotokan kata uploaded

I have uploaded a few more videos:

Shotokan Kata :
Heian Yondan, Unsu, Tekki Nidan and Sandan with and without Commentary by Walker Sensei from the SKI in America (but originally Darlington in the NE)
Nijushiho, team kata and Bunkai by Karateka unknown and by Sensei Eiken Hamasaki 5th Dan JKA

Asai Ryu :
Kakuyoku Nidan byBertel Sensei 6th Dan from New Zealand.
Meikyo Nidan and Sandan from JKA Spain
Kashu Bunkai by Amos and Yamaguchi Sensei

Update on the database:
Shotokan kata: 175 videos in total from 26 kata of the 26 listed
Asai Ryu Kata : 126 Videos in total from 43 kata of the 84 listed
Kato Ryu Kata: 12 Videos in total from 5 kata of the 7 listed
Koller Ryu Kata: 2 video in total from 1 kata of the 1 listed
Wheelchair Kata: 8 Videos in total from 7 kata of the 18 listed
Total number of videos in the database = 323

If you follow the link to my kata page and double click on the kata name, it will take you to the video of the kata selected.

Click on the yellow buttons below to return to the "HOME" or sskc "Kata" pages.


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