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Sunday, February 27, 2011

February Gradings

Above: James, Alan and Danny Sensei

A big thank you to Sensei Alan and Scott for a great course and grading, the first of many at Joseph Rowntree School York, in their brand new sports hall, A great venue.

Above: Sensei Alan takes the higher grades

Above: while Sensei Scott takes the lower grades

Many Congratulations to our fifteen students that graded today, I am very proud of all your efforts, a brilliant grading for our club.
Not forgetting the fourteen members of Haxby club that did OK as well.

Rebecca you have done a brilliant job with our younger members, you managed to be strict and relaxed at the same time.
Above: Jamie and some of the lower grades

2 = x3 graded, 1 = x2.5 graded, 3 = x2 graded and 1= x1.5 graded, that's 16 gradings from your 7 students!
Above: Charlotte, Jenson and Molly

Jenson and Molly both double graded to 11th Kyu.
Charlotte and Phoebe both had outstanding gradings and achieved our first ever triple gradings for Selby Club, grading straight to 10th Kyu.
Joseph jumped 1.5 grades from 11th Kyu to 9th Kyu (temp).

Jamie jumped 2.5 grades from 12th Kyu to 9th Kyu (temp).
Marcus double graded for the second time running from 11th Kyu to 9th Kyu.

David achieved 7th Kyu (temp) & his yellow belt.
Jamie got rid of his temp grade and moved to a full 6th Kyu.
Josh R moved up a full grade to 6th Kyu Green Belt.
Josh H and Abby also both got rid of their temporary 5th Kyu grades.

Above: Abby and Josh during their grading

David looked mean with his new haircut and achieved 5th Kyu and a new purple Belt.
Claire hasn't graded for 2 years following the birth of Tia, but achieved a 1.5 grading to 3rd Kyu Brown Belt, It is now that the training moving forward needs to be more focused as you journey to Shodan.
Kelvin graded from 3rd Kyu to 2nd Kyu (temp).

Above Sensei Simon and Kelvin

Again, Congratulations to all our students.
To progress past Green Belt you need to be training regularly, ideally twice a week and some practice at home.
To progress through your Brown belts, two to three times a week with a couple of hours self training a week and a bit of aerobic and flexibility exercise as well.

There are opportunities to train on Wednesdays and Sunday at Hambleton and Barlby dojo.
As members of Selby dojo you will also be made very welcome at either York or Haxby clubs on a Monday, Wednesday or Thursday, loads of opportunity in a relatively short distance from home.

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  • Humble apologies for not making it on Sunday. James said it was an excellent course and I was very jealous! Congratulations on a good grading. See you on Sunday at B&B session. Osu, Hans :o)

    By Blogger Hans, at 9:26 AM  

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