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Friday, February 25, 2011

The 4th SSKC Competition - 2011

Presents the 2011
4th SSKC Karate Championships - Sunday 1st May 2011

Barlby High School, York Road, Barlby, Selby YO8 5JP

The aim of the championships is to teach our students about competitions and provide our higher grades with experience in running competitions, so they can assist and officiate in future Open championships.

There will be up to thirteen events with Cups and medals for each event.

Registration 13.00hrs, Championships start 13.30 hrs prompt!

There is a fee of £10.00 for each karateka, this covers entry into all events that your Sensei will select you for.
Your fee must be paid to you club by 9th April when entries will close, there will be no entries on the day.
Event 1 – Under 9 - Kata – Mixed
Event 2 – Under 12 - Kata – Mixed
Event 3 – Under 17 – Kata – Mixed “The TSB Cup
Event 4 – Over 16 – Kata – Mixed – Beg to 3rd Kyu “The Lawrence Hannah Cup
Event 5 – Over 16 – Kata – Mixed – 2nd & 1st Kyu + Under 22 Shodan “The Lawrence Hannah Cup
Event 6 – Family Kata – (Parent + Child or Child + Child) “The Gough & Kelly Cup
Event 7 – Under 9 Kumite – “Knee boxing” – Mixed
Event 8 – Under 12 – Kumite – Shobu Ippon – Mixed
Event 9 – Under 17 – Kumite – Shobu Ippon - Mixed “The SSKC Kumite Cup
Event 10 - Over 16 – Kumite – Shobu Ippon - Male – Beg to 3rd Kyu “The HT Scaffolding Cup
Event 11 – O16 – Kumite – Shobu Ippon – Female – Beg to 3rd Kyu - “The HT Scaffolding Cup
Event 12- O16 – Kumite – Shobu Ippon - Male – 2nd & 1st Kyu + U22 Shodan “The Denby Security Cup
Event 13 - O16 – Kumite – Shobu Ippon - Female – 2nd & 1st Kyu + U22 Shodan (TBC)

The Events will be run on two adjacent areas to the semi finals.
The Over 16 and finals of the junior events will be undertaken on a central area.
The event will conclude with cup and medal presentations.

All karateka will be expected to stay to the end of the event to support your club. The event will conclude at approx 17.30 hrs.

If you have never entered a competition before this, it's the ideal place to start, a friendly local event, check out the photos below to see how last years event went.

Above : U9 Kata

Above: U12 Kata

Above : U17 Kata

Above : O16 Kata - Beg to 3rd Kyu - Mixed

Above : O16 Kata - 2nd Kyu to Shodan - Mixed

Above: Family Kata

Above : U9 Kumite (Knee Boxing)

Above : U12 Kumite

Above : U17 Kumite

Above : O16 Kumite Beg to 3rd Kyu Male

Above : O16 Kumite Beg to 3rd Kyu Female

Above : O16 Kumite 2nd Kyu to Shodan Male

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