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Selby Shotokan Karate Club

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

JKS Blog update

Sensei Lewis Simpson has wiggled a toe into the mighty blogasphere, welcome Lewis.

Lewis is a student at Kaizen No-Michi in Grimsby, his Sensei, Andrew and Jackie can be very proud of their student. From what I have observed over the last 6 months Lewis is an up and coming JKS karateka of the next generation,

His blog " My Modern Way of Life" is now on the links page, please take a look and be pleasantly surprised by the maturity of youth, Osu!

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Dan grade presentation

At the end of Summer Camp Rebecca was presented with her Nidan certificate from Sensei Alan and Scott, her examination was taken in March with the JKS Chief Instructor Kagawa Shihan. Registration and production of dan grade certificates are a function of the honbu dojo in Japan at JKS headquarters.

Above : the presentation

Above : The certificate

Many congratulations to little Lacie (from Grimsby) for passing her Shodan over the weekend and to those not so fortunate this time round do not be too down hearted.
You should take strength from the fact that you are part of a quality association which is focused on traditional karate and values.
Use the experience as a motivator to take you to the next level in your karate, Osu!

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JKS Summer Camp

The weather was not perfect for sunbathing, but was ideal for a morning run and a little Tabata on the Beach.
Above : The early class head off into the distance...

I only have a few pictures to upload at the moment, but pop back because more will follow.
Over the three days there were sessions from Sensei Alan, Ken, Scott and Steve an excellent depth of quality karate experience.

Above : Sensei Scott & Hans

Hans was fortunate to get a close up of all three types of kick that Sensei Scott was instructing, the snap, thrust and swing.

Above : Bex practices on Sensei Danny

Bex is using that special finger technique to help the kick come down and penetrate the target.

Many thanks to our instructors and all who helped organise the JKS Summer Camp, a great opportunity to partake in some quality training and meet other JKS England Karateka, OSU!

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Thursday, July 07, 2011

SSKC Logo and Branded Clothing

We are ready to launch the new SSKC branding, the new logo is the club name around the Selby logo of the 3 Swans.

Above : The New SSKC Logo

The Club has sponsored a banner at the JKS World Championships, which are to be held in Scotland in September.
It will carry the club name along with the club and JKS logos.
After the Championships the banner will be passed to the club for use in future events.

Scott Haxby one of our club members works for ACTIV8 and he has managed to put together some options for branded clothing.
The Club has selected a team polo and woven warm up jacket by Nike, so quality is assured.
Both are available in Child and Adult sizes, ACTIV8 have discounted the items and SSKC will also subsidise the costs from our "Members Fund".
Above : The Woven Warm Up Jacket
Above: The SSKC Team Polo

Jackets - Adults = £20, Childs = £15, With Logo on the Chest and Club Name on the back
Polos - Adults = £14, Childs = £9, With Logo on the Chest

Please can you let Scott know your requirements and let him have your contribution as detailed above. Scott will be available to advise on sizing etc.
At the end of July I will pay the SSKC contribution and Scott can order the goods.
Scott trains regularly at Hambleton and has recently started training at Barlby as well so you should have no trouble tracking him down.

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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

"Contenders Ready"

Congratulations to Bex who received a call from the JKS England squad coach a few days ago to confirm she was successful at the trials and has a place on the team.

Above : One happy girl

Sensei Steve confirmed that Bex has been selected for the JKS World Championships competing in the following events:
  • Team Kumite
  • Team Kata
  • Individual Kumite
  • Individual Kata
The penny has now dropped that at 19 years old she will be the youngest competitor in her group and also has a few Junro kata to learn over the next 3 months.

Many thanks to all Bex's instructors past and present that have invested many, many hours in her development over the years.

SSKC would also like to congratulate Sensei Simon from Haxby club who has also been selected.

The junior and cadet selections will be confirmed at the next squad training session in Nottingham, good luck to all our Yorkshire Karateka that are trying for places.

Good luck to the whole team and hope to see some of you over the weekend at Summer Camp in Torbay, Osu!

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