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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

"Contenders Ready"

Congratulations to Bex who received a call from the JKS England squad coach a few days ago to confirm she was successful at the trials and has a place on the team.

Above : One happy girl

Sensei Steve confirmed that Bex has been selected for the JKS World Championships competing in the following events:
  • Team Kumite
  • Team Kata
  • Individual Kumite
  • Individual Kata
The penny has now dropped that at 19 years old she will be the youngest competitor in her group and also has a few Junro kata to learn over the next 3 months.

Many thanks to all Bex's instructors past and present that have invested many, many hours in her development over the years.

SSKC would also like to congratulate Sensei Simon from Haxby club who has also been selected.

The junior and cadet selections will be confirmed at the next squad training session in Nottingham, good luck to all our Yorkshire Karateka that are trying for places.

Good luck to the whole team and hope to see some of you over the weekend at Summer Camp in Torbay, Osu!

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