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Monday, July 11, 2011

JKS Summer Camp

The weather was not perfect for sunbathing, but was ideal for a morning run and a little Tabata on the Beach.
Above : The early class head off into the distance...

I only have a few pictures to upload at the moment, but pop back because more will follow.
Over the three days there were sessions from Sensei Alan, Ken, Scott and Steve an excellent depth of quality karate experience.

Above : Sensei Scott & Hans

Hans was fortunate to get a close up of all three types of kick that Sensei Scott was instructing, the snap, thrust and swing.

Above : Bex practices on Sensei Danny

Bex is using that special finger technique to help the kick come down and penetrate the target.

Many thanks to our instructors and all who helped organise the JKS Summer Camp, a great opportunity to partake in some quality training and meet other JKS England Karateka, OSU!

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