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Selby Shotokan Karate Club

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Warren Sensei awarded Nidan

Last week Warren Sensei was presented his Nidan (2nd degree black belt) Certificate that has just arrived from Japan.
All Black Belts gradings are undertaken at a National level and are registered in Japan and recognised through out the world.
Warren is pictured with SSKC club instructors Bex, Paul and Matt.

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New Black Belts at SSKC

SSKC are very pleased to announce the promotion to Shodan (1st degree black belt) of Leah Fielding, Heath Waters and Tommy Cahill.
Very strong performances from all three, the culmination of training diligently for five to six years, now the hard work begins

Pictured with : Matt Beard Sensei 2nd Dan : SSKC Club Instructor, Matt Price Sensei 6th Dan : JKS England Coach, Alan Campbell Sensei 7th Dan : Chief Instructor JKSEngland, Rebecca Brant 3rd Dan : SSKC Club Instructor, Paul Brant 3rd Dan : SSKC Club Instructor.

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12-hour karate-a-thon

12 hour karate session!

A few words from Kathy from our club - 
"I have 2 knees and 2 ankles and they are all in working order today... phew! 
Most of my muscles are complaining but I am not broken.
12 hours of karate straight yesterday where the training came from the England squad. 
Think at one point delirium kicked in but it was a fun day, all be it very tiring! 
Glad I completed it, thought I would need at least one break but I carried on. 
12 hours straight, I impressed myself. And I'm still walking!
This is the team that went from my karate club.

Left to Right : Bex, Simon, Sarah, Matt, Berhan, Warren, Han, Kathy, Emma and Paul.

Congrats to all that attended, Osu!

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2017 Christmas display

The 2017 Christmas display was a great success. Unfortunately only just over half of the members made it for the photo, Xmas commitments :-) 

We had a three generation display from Son, Mother and Grand-father Luke, Sarah and Ian

Heath Waters was awarded the Trevor Jinks Cup for his many years of hard work and determination in his karate journey to date.

Nevis took home the Budo bear from the "name the bear" competition, many thanks to Tash for organising :-)

Tommy and Heath gave a great kumite demonstration.

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