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Selby Shotokan Karate Club

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Kato Shihan's York Kata Course Feb 06

Another great kata course and grading for the Yorkshire based clubs of York, Haxby and Selby.
Thank you Sensei, Osu!

We trained at Strensell school on the Saturday with a strong emphasis on Kihon (basics).

Left : students punching Gyaku Zuki chudan under the watchful eye of Kato Shihan.

Left: Kato Shihan demonstrates with Gullen Shihan.

It's only Soto Uke, "easy i'nt?", Shihan developed the theme of the preparation or marker being as important as the technique. A full technique in the "ready or action" part of the movement was required to perform the application.

Why is it you can perform a technique quite happily until Shihan comes and stands next to you? Then you forget your left from your right and loose all ability to step with the right leg!

Kato and Gullen Shihans again demonstrating the basic technique. We went on to perform the techniques with a very open stance and guard. The invitation to attack so that the defender can block, counter and score.

Shihan placed emphasis on the shortest route blocks of nagashi and bari, for this type of training for kumite the full techniques of the foundation blocks of Soto and uchi uke are considered too slow.

The flowing style block is better suited to the more open defensive positioned front hand protecting jodan and the rear chudan. Later in multiple attacks I personally was surprised at my personal ability to defend multiple fast attack where I would normally be caught by the second attack.

Kato Shihan demonstrates with Gude Sensei.

Our thanks goes to Senseis Mike Gude and Ian Shaw for organising another great course. Would all karateka please remember that these events don't organise themselves.

Your appreciation is best showed by your attendance. If the course doesn't run , you don't grade..."Simple...i'nt it!", I'll get off my soap box and get on with my blog.

Left: Shihan Kato and Gullen

I would also like to thank Shihan Anne Hastings and Sensei Mark and Dave for their support.

Sensei Dave I enjoyed the interpretation of the Heian Kata in the alternative stances. It seemed to develop a fuller technique for when the kata was performed traditionally later on.

Sensei Dave your spirit and commitment to your martial art is an inspiration to all karateka. Osu!

One of the Selby students, Thomas benefited from training with one of Shihan Anne's students when you are training towards you 1st dan it is important to train with as many different karateka as possible. When you train with someone a little older and stronger it will develop your style, you will train hard. Well done Thomas you held your own.

Congratulations to all the students that graded, results from Selby Club were as follows:
Helen Milner 2nd kyu (t), David Stavenau 2nd Kyu (t), Rebecca Brant 6th Kyu, Dominic Schilke 6th Kyu, Thomas Robinson 7th Kyu, Adam Preece 7th Kyu, Daniel Kozelko 7th Kyu, Sam Dennis 7th Kyu, Emily Farnhill 8th Kyu & Tommy Farnhill 10th Kyu.

Another great sucess for Selby, Well done to all, It will be great to have a club with a solid group of dedicated colour belts. There is no better reward for Ashley Sensei to have a class of students that want to learn and progress, keep up the good work, Osu!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Helen Milner - 3rd Kyu

Helen Milner, 3rd Kyu (her surname is not to be confused with a hat maker).

Helen has recently returned from university where she studied forensic science, soon to be seen appearing in Quincey or CSI.

Although only knee high to a grass-hopper she is full of budo spirit, so watch out!

Helen comes from Hambleton and can be found behind bars in the local vicinity. At least when she is behind the bar she will not get asked for her ID.

Helen's father was an experienced Karateka and I am sure he has handed the karate gene on to his daughter.

Helen obtained her 9th kyu in October 2000 and graded regularly to obtain her 3rd Kyu in November 2002 before going to university.

Helen trained while at university but found the change in style difficult to adopt, we are all very pleased to see her back at our Dojo.

Best of Luck for your grading at the end of the month, Osu!

Update****Update ****Update

Despite carrying more than the odd injury from a recent car crash Helen digged deep for some of that budo spirit and graded from 3rd Kyu (Temp) to 2nd Kyu (Temp).

Well Done Helen!