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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Helen Milner - 3rd Kyu

Helen Milner, 3rd Kyu (her surname is not to be confused with a hat maker).

Helen has recently returned from university where she studied forensic science, soon to be seen appearing in Quincey or CSI.

Although only knee high to a grass-hopper she is full of budo spirit, so watch out!

Helen comes from Hambleton and can be found behind bars in the local vicinity. At least when she is behind the bar she will not get asked for her ID.

Helen's father was an experienced Karateka and I am sure he has handed the karate gene on to his daughter.

Helen obtained her 9th kyu in October 2000 and graded regularly to obtain her 3rd Kyu in November 2002 before going to university.

Helen trained while at university but found the change in style difficult to adopt, we are all very pleased to see her back at our Dojo.

Best of Luck for your grading at the end of the month, Osu!

Update****Update ****Update

Despite carrying more than the odd injury from a recent car crash Helen digged deep for some of that budo spirit and graded from 3rd Kyu (Temp) to 2nd Kyu (Temp).

Well Done Helen!


  • Cheers Paul. I feel honoured to be on the web page. You have been very kind to me, for a change. See you at training.

    By Anonymous Helen Milner, at 1:16 PM  

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