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Selby Shotokan Karate Club

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Kyu and Dan grading results - 16th February 2020

A great day for SSKC at the York grading course today, with JKS England Chief Instructor - Alan Campbell Sensei - 7th Dan and Steve Carless Sensei - 6th Dan.

Three New Shodan and Twenty-Five Kyu grade passes for SSKC today.
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Dan Grades
1st Dan
David Leadbeater
1st Dan
Sam Barfield
1st Dan
Sarah Dudley

Kyu Grades
2nd Kyu Alan Elston
3 rd Kyu Katharine Birchall
4th Kyu Thomas Barfield
4th Kyu Joanna Holmes
4th Kyu Luke Barrett-Watt
7th Kyu Alec Birchall
7th Kyu Maciej Rymarz
7th Kyu Rufus Savage
7th Kyu George Alderman
7th Kyu Jack Holmes
7th Kyu Jesse Holmes
7th Kyu John Gibson
7th Kyu Rose Gibson
8th Kyu Julie Barfield
8th Kyu Marie Alderman
9th Kyu Lois Alderman
9th Kyu John Alderman
9th Kyu Bronwyn Gowthorpe
11th Kyu Lilah Greenwood-Masey
11th Kyu Zach Davies
11th Kyu Anna Davies
12th Kyu Robert Gowthorpe
12th Kyu Peter Mayne
12th Kyu Betsy Greenwood-Massey
12th Kyu Claudia Savage

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