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Selby Shotokan Karate Club

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Grading Results - 21st February 2016

A great course in York today, Many thanks to Sensei Alan Campbell and Sensei Steve Carless for your instruction.
Congratulations to all 46 of our students that graded today, Osu!
A special mention to those who were graded above average in certain elements:
Kelly in Kihon
Connor in Kumite
Assen in Kumite and
Han in Kihon, Kata and Kumite achieving an overall above average 1st Kyu grading!
A big thank you to those that traveled to support the course.

Just Click on your name to take you to your personal page for photos, grading progress and more.
Kyu Grades
1st Kyu Xiao Wei Han
3rd Kyu Viktoria Rymarz
3rd Kyu Simon Frost
3rd Kyu Assen Arinkov
4th Kyu Berhan Haker
4th Kyu Sam Barfield
5th Kyu Imaan Ahmad
5th Kyu Grace Jones-Devitt
5th Kyu Rebecca Arinkov
5th Kyu Marny Waters
5th Kyu Thomas Arinkov
5th Kyu Tash O'Boyle
6th Kyu Lewis Urwin
6th Kyu Mark Christian
7th Kyu Mark O'Reilly
7th Kyu Parveen Ahmad
7th Kyu Holly Urwin
7th Kyu Connor Christian
7th Kyu Lily Boston
7th Kyu Karl Rawlings
8th Kyu Elliot Murray
8th Kyu Ellie Fielding
8th Kyu Elliot Murray
8th Kyu Irah Brereton
8th Kyu Steve O'Boyle
8th Kyu (t) Jake Rawlings
9th Kyu Monica O'Reilly
9th Kyu Jacob Homsi
9th Kyu Thora Elston
9th Kyu Jack Hutchinson
9th Kyu Katharine Birchall
9th Kyu Kelly Holmes
9th Kyu Sophie Hutchinson
10th Kyu Darcey Burrows
10th Kyu Amelia Everall
10th Kyu Matilda Birchall
10th Kyu Damon Holmes
10th Kyu Curtis Lee
11th Kyu Toby Apedaile
11th Kyu Max Apedaile
11th Kyu Daniel Speck
11th Kyu Billy McMurray
11th Kyu Isaiah Brereton
12th Kyu Luke Barrett-Watt
12th Kyu Sam Hutchinson
12th Kyu Ruby Sanderson

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