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Selby Shotokan Karate Club

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Grading results for May and June 2014

Congratulations to all our students that graded on Sunday and many thanks to Sensei Alan and Sensei Hans for a great day. I have also posted the grading results for the brown belts that graded 4 weeks ago. All your individual pages have also been updated with your results, Osu!
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Gradings - 24th May 2014
1st Kyu Scott Haxby
2nd Kyu Charlotte Haxby
2nd Kyu Emily Crockford
2nd Kyu Warren Bate

Gradings - 22nd June 2014
4th Kyu Abigail Marchant
4th Kyu Craig Whiteley
4th Kyu Xiao Wei Han
4th Kyu Heath Waters
5th Kyu Molly Douglas
5th Kyu Thomas Fieldsend
5th Kyu Myles Phillips
5th Kyu Wiktoria Rymarz
5th Kyu Leah Fielding
6th Kyu Simon Frost
7th Kyu Assen Arinkov
7th Kyu Imaan Ahmad
7th Kyu Berhan Haker
7th Kyu Sam Barfield
7th Kyu Andreas Brereton
8th Kyu Lewis Urwin
8th Kyu Finlay Pearson
8th Kyu Marny Waters
8th Kyu Joshua Whiteley
8th Kyu Jon Blaza
8th Kyu Mark O'Reilly
8th Kyu Rebecca Arinkov
8th Kyu Grace Jones-Devitt
9th Kyu Kayleigh Whiteley
9th Kyu Izzy Haxby
9th Kyu Thomas Arinkov
9th Kyu Mia Boyle
9th Kyu Tash O'Boyle
9th Kyu Josh Bowden
9th Kyu Martin Barfield
9th Kyu Amrit Daffu O'Reilly
9th Kyu Paul Bowden
10th Kyu Holly Urwin
10th Kyu Isabelle Wilton
10th Kyu Zachary McMullen
10th Kyu Jamie Jackson
10th Kyu Charlie Hudson
10th Kyu Monica O'Reilly
10th Kyu Oliver Durkin
10th Kyu Connor Christian
10th Kyu Mark Christian
11th Kyu Lily Boston
12th Kyu Elliot Murray
12th Kyu Bobby Dootson
12th Kyu Ellie Fielding

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