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Selby Shotokan Karate Club

Friday, September 27, 2013


After the gradings at the weekend I updated the Nafudakake on Wednesday adding the members that graded for the first time.
The Nafuda are made from American White Oak and the Kake from American Walnut.
I am considering producing them commercially, just wondering if there is a market out there?

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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Todays Gradings

Congratulations to all our students that grade today, Osu!

Kyu Grades
4th Kyu Emily Crockford
5th Kyu Abigail Marchant
6th Kyu Thomas Fieldsend
6th Kyu Craig Whiteley
6th Kyu Xiao Wei Han
6th Kyu Heath Waters
6th Kyu (t) Ibrahim Ahmad
7th Kyu Myles Phillips
7th Kyu Leah Fielding
7th Kyu Wiktoria Rymarz
8th Kyu Liam Dunne
8th Kyu Simon Frost
9th Kyu Berhan Haker
9th Kyu Sam Barfield
10th Kyu Marny Waters
10th Kyu Joshua Whiteley
10th Kyu Lucie Doncaster
10th Kyu Benedict Roach
11th Kyu Kayleigh Whiteley
11th Kyu Cooper Sparks
11th Kyu Izzy Haxby
11th Kyu Casie Ackerley
11th Kyu Chloe Ackerley
12th Kyu Jamie Jackson
12th Kyu Charlie Hudson
12th Kyu Sara Rozpendek
12th Kyu Charlotte Ackerley
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