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Selby Shotokan Karate Club

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Asai Ryu and Shotokan Kata datbase updated

I have undertaken a bit of housekeeping in the database deleting embeded videos that have been removed from You Tube and adding a  few more videos:

Update on the database:
Shotokan kata: 158 videos in total from 26 kata of the 26 listed
Asai Ryu Kata : 138 Videos in total from 43 kata of the 84 listed
Kato Ryu Kata: 17 Videos in total from 6 kata of the 7 listed
Koller Ryu Kata: 2 video in total from 1 kata of the 1 listed
Wheelchair Kata: 7 Videos in total from 7 kata of the 18 listed
Total number of videos in the database = 322
If you follow the link to my kata page and double click on the kata name, it will take you to the video of the kata selected.
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