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Selby Shotokan Karate Club

Saturday, October 30, 2010

A gi is not just for Christmas.

Through the club we can purchase gi (training suits) at excellent value: approximately 40% off the RRP (and you pay no P&P either). An ideal Christmas present for you or your child.
I would like to place an order in the next couple of weeks; so please get your orders in ASAP.

The student Gi is fine for a beginner but as your karate improves you may well want to treat yourself to an intermediate gi, most of the mid kyu grades wear a Japanese cut White Diamond gi from Blitz.

Our current prices are shown in the table below:

SizeStudent RRPStudent SSKCDiamond RRP Diamond SSKC
100cm-0000£20.00£12.00 N/AN/A
155cm-2.5N/AN/A £60.00£35.00

You will note that the prices jump at 160cm this is where Vat is applied, smaller sizes are Vat exempt.

If you want a new Gi just ask Paul when he is at Selby, York or Haxby Clubs or e mail from the link in the sidebar.

Please E Mail me with your requirements and I can deliver to Selby, York or Haxby on a normal training night.
We keep a stock of student Gis and mitts and can obtain intermediate Gis in approx 1 week.
All supplied at discounted prices, If you want to order anything else from Blitz just let me know.

  • Email Paul the club secretary

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