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Selby Shotokan Karate Club

Monday, October 10, 2005

October 2005 Course and Grading

8/9th Oct 2005 Course and grading with Kato Sensei

Sensei visits our Yorkshire Clubs three or four times a year.

It is an experience to train with Sensei whatever your age or experience, his courses will have something for everyone from the beginner to the most experienced Karateka

On the Saturday Kato Sensei concentrated on Kihon (basics)

Left: Ash covers up while the juniors practice Mae Geri Chudan (sometimes there is a little confusion between chudan and gedan)

Left : Mike partners Daniel, it looks like Daniel has brought his knee up high enough, Sensei is safe from the Gedan Geri.

Left: Mike has a chance to return the favour, kicking mae geri to Daniel

Left: Rebecca, Emma, Tommy, Thomas and Emily kick...keep those heels down!

Left: James, Andrew, Adam, Claire and Fiona going through their paces at the kihon table with Sensei Ash and Steve.

Left : Sensei Mick and Sensei Steve were also put through their paces by Kato Sensei.

Left: Jo and Tony from the York Club, performing kumite (sparring), they also train with us at Selby when they get the chance. The extra training obviously paid off because they got a special mention from Kato Sensei when their certificates were presented.

Selby club is the smallest of the three Yorkshire clubs but we still had thirteen students grade and pass, congratulations go to Paul Brant 1st Kyu, Dave Stavenau 3rd Kyu, Rebecca Brant and Dominic Schilke 7th kyu, Thomas Robinson, Adam Preece, Daniel Kozelko and Sam Dennis 8th Kyu, Emily Farnhill and Emma Armstrong 9th Kyu and Daniel Price, Tommy Farnhill and Liam Webb 11th Kyu. Well done to you all.

The standard from all Karateka was good and our congratulations also go to our friends from the York and Haxby Clubs.

Our thanks also goes to Sensei Ian for arranging the weekend, It’s a thankless task and is appreciated. Osu!

Keep training hard and look forward to the next course and grading early next year.