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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Facing Africa Update

19th April 2008 - I did a quick 10 minute presentation to my Squadron at Halton in Lancaster, the power point show is quite moving and really only suitable for Adults. The lads now have a bit more of an idea of what we are raising money for.
20th April 2008 - Over the weekend we had a reporter from the Star in Sheffield with us, he wanted to know more about Noma and the Facing Africa charity, a 20 min chat and a spot in the paper.
27th April - Sheffield 1/2 Marathon

106 Fd Sqn RE (v) provide an essential water stop

Approx 5000 runners passed our water stop, most of the elite runners didn't bother to stop but the service was greatly appreciated by many.

Charlotte - sporting the 106 facing Africa t shirt
Finishing 1st of the female 106 runners (the only female runner) but in a very respectful time, well done

"Pricey" water on the go
One of our best runners and part of our team that came a very respectful 2nd with an average time of around 1hr 35mins, beating around 60 other teams many from athletic clubs. Not bad from a unit that tries to match hard work with hard drinking.

"Chads" digs in deep
Chads - not the fastest on the course but what an effort, you don't have to be an athlete to put yourself through a bit of pain to raise a few quid for Facing Africa.
About 15 members of the Squadron ran, Facing Africa was a bit of an after thought, the main fund raising effort will be at camp in June when I hope to organise a 10k run run.
I will up date what we have raised when I get some details.

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