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Monday, March 10, 2008

Sunday Training - 9th March 2008

This Sunday my theme of training was movement and turning, general rules of when to turn on the ball of the foot and when to turn on the heel. We also looked at examples of turning on a ball/heel combination.

We explored the need for use of the hips in movement and the transfer of weight to a position directly above the pivot point of the turns.

Most Karateka had few problems with 90 and 180 degree turns but 360 degree spins did cause problems for most, a little more work required I think?

We then went onto Kata the class divided into two groups side by side.

I taught the beginners Di-Ichi and the coloured belts Mawari-No-Kata, I believe the Di katas were devised by Asai Shihan and Mawari-No-Kata was devised as a training Kata by Koller Shihan, you can see the strong influences of Asai Shihan within the kata, in the turning and spinning movements.

I have always liked to teach Di-Ichi to beginners because it is straight forward with little to confuse them. I also like it because of the power that you can develop in stepping forward punching Gyaku-Zuki rather than Oi-Zuki, perhaps it is just my personal preference.

I found that by teaching the beginners one move one count and the coloured belts two punches to each count (except on turns) that the katas were the same length. Quite handy when you are teaching two kata at the same time to two groups. At least the first four moves of both Kata are the same.

I was trying to explain principles of movement rather than say this is how you do this move in this kata, I hope that it gave you all something to think about?

After the beginners had finished, I quickly ran through both Di-Ni and Di-San, two kata that I have not done for quite a while. Just a quick introduction to a couple of kata outside the normal grading kata but very useful in our development. I hope you enjoyed the departure from the norm?

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