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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Sensei Helen plays away

Sensei Helen our own little "pocket Soco"(Scene of crime officer) is back after 3 months of working in the south of the country.
Helen WILL be posting her experiences of training away with both the IJKA and the JKS, watch this space.
Helen's bit...
As many of our regular club members will be aware I have not long since returned from a 3 month contract down in Suffolk, working with their Bury scenes of crime team. (Finally 3 years in Middleborough has paid off).
However this did mean that I had to leave the club for what was an uncertain amount of time. Regular readers of the blog may have read a short note on the Christmas meeting about my leaving for Suffolk.
Luckily for me I didn’t have to take a 3 month break from training. I found a JKS club in Cambridge run by Sensei Bill Rogers. Sensei Bill used to train with Sensei Kato many years ago and knows Sensei Ash quite well also.
Whilst in Suffolk I got to train twice a week with Sensei Bill’s lessons on a Tuesday and Sensei Pete’s lesson on a Thursday. This gave the students the opportunity to get different types of training and allowed the instructors to take a break from teaching and concentrate on their own karate.
The club consisted mainly of black belts with a couple of brown and purple belts, so training was quite hard which was very nice. There were no children in the club only adults which helped to keep the level of the train quite high. Each session was either physically or mentally challenging, but well worth the effort that everyone put in.
Training at the new club gave me a kick big of enthusiasm. Each Session I felt I had to prove my worth, like I deserved to train at this club with other black belts, especially as I had been so openly accepted into the club and I was in essence representing my club and instructor. I would like to thank everyone at the Cambridge club for welcoming me to their club, even for such a short time. A big thank you to Sensei Bill and Sensei Pete for giving me that burst of enthusiasm that we all need every once in a while. Thank you and I hope that I get the chance to train with you all again some time as I enjoyed every session and every bruise I gained.

Thanks Helen for sharing your training experience.

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