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Thursday, March 20, 2008

AMAA Competition 15th March 2008

Above: Tetley Gym - Fox Lines - Army School of Physical Training

The Army Martial Arts Assocation competition was last Saturday, a fair trip from North Yorkshire but well worth the 450 mile round trip.

In the photo above you see Karate in the foreground, Kendo to the centre and Taekwondo on the far mat, a true celebration of martial arts.

The karate was to WKF rules, under the direction of Washinkai's founder and chairman Shihan Chris Thompson 8th Dan. It was nice to see so many competitors this year, I hope this is a contuining trend.

I was dissappointed with my overall performance, but I did benefit a great deal from attending. By competting I have come away with some clear challanges for the future:

  1. Prepare, prepare and prepare to prevent piss poor performance.

  2. Loose some of that excess weight, WKF rules to 8 points in kumite nearly killed me.

  3. Focus on the Karate core kata and park the "nice to haves", I must concentrate on Bassai, Jion, Kanku, Empi and just one advanced kata (at the moment).

I have started to work on Nijushiho, still needs loads and loads of work but is slowly progressing. I thaught I would have a go but then found out that there would be two rounds of personal selected kata for Dan grades, I selected Bassai Dai and managed to freeze half way through. Not quite sure why, lack of concentration, too much concentration?

My string on Karate Underground "TheFrozen Kata" has proved quite popular. I hope you find it interesting.

I am sure that you will find that I will introduce a few of the replies into our training shortly. If your interested please follow the link below:

The frozen Kata

If you have jumped into the middle of our blog via a search engine you may want to go to our latest post; please follow the link below that will relaunch the blog
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