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Friday, March 28, 2008

Karate Kihon

This Sunday a few of us are travelling down to Sensei Alan Campbell's dojo in Nottingham, Chairman of the JKS GB and Ireland. The videos below are Sensei Campbell's Sensei, Kagawa Shihan.
I was talking to Dom yesterday (a keen brass band fanatic) : Why when you are learning a musical instrument you would do a few hours personal practice each week between lessons, but most karateka just turn up each week and can't understand why it takes so long to progress?
Below are some awesome karate tutiorials from Kagawa Shihan 8th Dan JKS to help with that little bit of extra practice at home, Osu!

Above: Oi Zuki Chudan

Above: Gyaku Zuki Chudan

Above: Zenkutsu-dachi

Above: Kokutsu-dachi

Above: Shuto Uke

Above: Uchi Uke

Above: Soto Uke

Above: Age Uke

Above: Haito Uchi

Above: Uraken Uchi

Above: Mae Geri Keage

Above: Mawashi Geri

Above: Yoko Geri Keagae

Above: Yoko Geri Kekomi

Above: Ushiro Geri

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