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Friday, March 21, 2008

Embeded Karate

I have two levels of Karate heros that inspire me:

1st - the technically brilliant, the natural karateka (Sensei Asai / Kato etc) and
2nd - normal karateka that have struggled to progress for years ( Sensei Trevor Jinks / Sensei Mireille Clark)

It is easy to maintain drive and commitment if you have natural ability and success. What I find more inspiring are those Karateka that just steadily worked away trying to improve their karate, they will probably never be a high dan grade / senior instructor. They will not have success in national competition or have international acclaim, but they strive to be the best they can.

Sensei Trevor who is now in his seventies, he attends as many classes as possible and it is obvious that he also follows a personal training regime outside the dojo.

Sensei Mireille (a fellow blogger) is a "Mom of 7" and is always looking for additional karate training opportunities. Follow the link in the sidebar to her walk up Shotokan Mountain to learn more.

Sensei Mireille will try and adapt every day activities into her personal training to aid improvement in her karate, where and when can I get in some extra training in?

The penny dropped when I was talking to my Sister in law, in law, she was talking about her mother (a very sweet lady who is a devout christian) . "Mum enjoys washing up and driving, these are her main times for talking to Jesus".

I do like to consider myself as a Christian, but I don't take time out communicating, it tends to be when something has gone very wrong in life...anyway. I thought what a great idea, I can train while I drive... On my way home from Aldershot and the AMAA competition I managed to do over three hours of kata training. Karate while driving seems to be best suited to clear motorway driving, not busy roads. I think it is more difficult to perform kata in your head than physically. It is all good training though.

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