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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Training with Alan Campbell 5th Dan JKS

Today Helen,Rebecca, Dave, Daniel, Sam, myself and Simon (from Haxby dojo) travelled to Nottingham to train on Sensei Alan Campbell's Black and Brown belt course.
The 90 minute drive there for the three hour training session was well worth it.

I was especially pleased that Sam and Daniel joined us, at 11 & 12 years old it is quite a massive leap to B&B trg.

Daniel told me that he was expecting a full cooked breakfast and a nap on his B&B trg, no bed and breakfast, but there was a great course pitched at karateka that need to start thinking for themselves. Jion and its application was yet another leap for Sam and Daniel.

Sam and Daniel, I was very proud of your efforts today and surprised to see you again training at our dojo tonight, that was 6 hours of Karate in the one day!

Next weekend, Sensei Kato's B&B course at Whitchurch, any club members that would like to attend please let me know asap.

Sensei Alan, many thanks for your hospitality again, we hope to be back soon, Osu!

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