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Friday, December 28, 2007

Sensei Helen is Suffolk bound

Watch out Suffolk the "Selby Stig / CSI Selby" is on her way to terrify you for at least 6 months. Unfortunately for us Helen has landed her dream job as a crime scene investigator, initially on a 6 month contract. At least she can put all her hard work doing that degree into practice.

Haxby, Selby and York clubs had a few beers last night and we presented Helen with her personalised Black Belt and a little reminder from the club. Wishing you all the best Helen, Osu!

Above: Sensei Helen was presented with a couple of gifts

Helen joined SSKC just after I did in early 2000, but had soon overtaken me in grade, when she went to university I caught up again and we have always been similar grades training together for the last eight years.

Above: I think this was before we started toasting our Sensei

We will not lose her completely, she will be training with us when she returns to see her family at the odd weekend. Helen has also looked at the best route to get from Suffolk to Whitchurch for Black and Brown belt courses. I believe Helen also has her sights on the European Championships in 2008.

Above: "The Likely Lads" they will even remember the TV programme!

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