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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Kelvin's page updated

I have updated Dr Kelvin's page with some detail of the work he did with the Facing Africa charity in Ethiopia. Kelvin was part of the surgical team treating Noma.

I know Kelvin is very much involved with the charity and after viewing myself some of the charities work I hope there will be something we can do collectively as a club in 2008 for this cause.

I have not included the detail on the main blog because it details major facial reconstructive surgery, but if you would like to watch the you tube clips posted from the BBC's Inside Out programme or follow the links to Facing Africa web site please click on Kelvin's name in the Kyu grade table in the side bar.

Kelvin, I cant believe that I have not heard of Facing Africa of Noma before, brilliant work, Osu!

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  • Paul

    I just had to comment on this post and congratulate Dr Kelvin on what he and his colleagues have done. All my own issues and worries pale into insignificance when you see these clips. I can no even begin to think about what some of these folk have been through or what a difference your work is doing.



    Ian Culpan
    Chuldow Martial Arts

    By Blogger Ian Culpan, at 9:01 PM  

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