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Saturday, December 22, 2007

IJKA Worldwide

At our Christmas course Sensei Brian Toomey spoke about the transition from IJKA Europe to IJKA worldwide.

Within our association Asai Shihan was our chief instructor until his passing on the 15th August 2006. Although I only got to train with Asai Shiahan briefly I am sure that I speak for many within the IJKA when I say his Karate continues today and his memory and influence will be with us always. Out of our deepest respect for Asai Shihan arrangements within our association did not change for a minimum of twelve months.

The IJKA moves forward and has over the last 6 months have had many countries join our association. IJKA Europe will now be known as the "International Japan Karate Association"

Kato Shihan 8th Dan is now officially our Chief Instructor (World) . Kato Shihan has been resident in the UK for 35. He has a unique style of teaching and his attention to historical detail of shotokan makes his coaching seminars a must for every serious shotokan karateka.

I can remember Kato Shihan teaching 6 versions of Bassai dai in one afternoon, too much for me to take in but it demonstrates the depth of Shihan's knowledge.

If you wish to know more about the IJKA please visit http://www.ijka.net/

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