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Friday, December 28, 2007

Sensei Dave Hazad - Born Fighter

Rebecca bought me a copy of Sensei Dave Hazard's book for Christmas, she said she bought it because she wanted to read it after I had read it.

Take a look at you tube promotion below:

It's a great read, Sensei Dave's introduction to karate was in 1969, his Shihan was Enoeda Sensei who was a 6th Dan then and Kato Sensei was an assistant 4th Dan at the time. Sensei Dave had quite an introduction to Kato Sensei, but you will have to read my previous post or/and read Sensei Dave's book to learn more...

Rebecca was asking if we could attend Sensei Dave's weekend course later in the year, we will have to wait and see, unfortunately it is the other end of the country from us. I did manage to train with Sensei in Dartford in September 2006. Please see post below.


Hope to train again in 2008, Osu!

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