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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas display and party

Tonight was our annual display and party, everyone took part demonstrating Kihon, Kata and kumite relevant to grade, followed by a few eats etc and a trip down the pub for the adults.

Above: Selby Club Christmas photo 2007

There was unfortunately a few faces missing from this years photo due to other family commitments etc, but we were very happy to get approx 30 faces in the frame.

At Christmas we present the Sensei Trevor Jinks Cup, this is awarded to a Karateka that has showed good spirit and correct attitude to training. This was a very difficult decision this year and we had quite a few nominations from our instructors. After much deliberation we decided that we would have to give a runners up prize this year, as there was so little between the winner and the runner up.

Josh was awarded a Blitz White Diamond Gi that is worth approx £65 in recognition of his continued commitment to training. Josh had many years training in a different style of karate and I think he will agree that he has found the transition to Shotokan very demanding. Despite a failure, followed by being awarded the same grade he had reached in his previous style he has continued to persevere. It was this commitment and effort with little reward that we have recognised tonight. We look forward to guiding you through future gradings in 2008 as you work towards your Black belt. It is this sort of determination that gets Karateka to Shodan where students with more natural ability just give up... well done Josh, Osu!

The Trevor Jinks Cup was awarded to Sam Dennis, no one has trained harder than Sam in 2007. He has fought hard to keep up with his peers after missing a grading. He has attended additional training sessions with Gullen Shihan at the York dojo to advance his Karate. What has impressed us most is his personal motivation and maturity beyond his years. Sam is small and has been caught a few times this year, and been hurt. Unfortunately when you get to Sam's grade (3rdKyu) you need to step up your training, you need spirit and correct karate attitude. Sam has what it takes to reach Shodan, Sam should be aiming for 2009.

Above: Josh Hartley, Sensei Ash and Sam Dennis

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