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Monday, January 11, 2010

SSKC "New Years" Meeting

Many thanks to all the members / parents that managed to attend what I hope will become an annual event in January. I was able to provide some detail to our planned diary that has been sent to all members and appears on the "Diary" page of this blog.

The clubs aim with its diary of events is to provide additional training and competition opportunities for those members that want to add to the normal weekly club training and IJKA Yorkshire Kato Shihan courses during the year. I would like these opportunities be available to all our karateka that would like to attend, without financial restraint on individuals or parents. A big aim I know.

We are a not for profit club and we try to set our fees so that we just cover our hall hire and insurances etc. My challenge to our karateka was, if they thought that this was a good idea we had better do a bit of self help.

Fundraising for these additional activities will be very much raised by our members, for our members. Our arrangements for fundraising will be formalised at our club AGM in May, but our members present were keen to make a start as soon as possible.

Julie has kindly agreed to take an initial lead as our "Fundraising Officer" the post will officially become available for election at the AGM. Funding will be raised for two causes:

  1. The development of our senior Kyu grades and Dan grades by attending seminars, coaching and instructor courses etc, for the good and benefit of the club. The idea is to develop our members to become our instructors / club officials of the future. This is a long term cause of continued investment in our members.

  2. The development of a "squad fund" to provide support for SSKC members of any grade to take part in local, regional, National and International competition.

Julie will in the coming weeks put together a fundraising committee to help her plan the clubs proposed events. They already have a few ideas to work on. Again, to be formalised at the AGM, but I would propose that any monies raised would be held in the clubs bank account, accounted for separately by the clubs treasurer and expended by a committee of 3 club members: Chairman, Secretary and Fundraising Member.

Look forward to hearing more about SSKC fundraising from Julie and her team in the near future.

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