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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Blast from the past!

My thanks goes to Cunningham Sensei for mailing me a couple of photos from a not so recent course held by Kato Shihan in Co. Gallway, Ireland.

Above : Kato Shihan

Above: Kato Shihan & Denis Crowe
The year....1966!
I was only thinking at the weekend while training at the Hombu dojo at Whitchurch with Kato Sensei that I have been his student for just ten years. To my right were many karateka who had been dedicated Kohai for twenty....thirty....forty years..... plus.

Our own chief instructor in Yorkshire Gullen Shihan - 7th Dan, has followed Kato Shihan for decades and is never failed to be amazed that he has never seen the same lesson twice.
Shihan ne rei, Osu!

Update: Click on "Links" then "Tuam club" to see a picture of Crowe Sensei this week ...how spooky is that, on two separate blogs at the same time but nearly 35 years apart?

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