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Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Links added

I have added a few links to other clubs within the IJKA.
Just click on the links button in the sidebar to follow the progress of:

IJKA Bucks main site and their blog
A new IJKA Bucks site just started by Dr Jonathan Lyons 5th Dan and blog written by a kohai. Well worth a look, you might even appear on their site or blog if you can attend the course with Kato Sensei at Radnage on the 7th March.

IJKA Stornaway
I would love to visit Sensei John Murray 4th Dan in Stornoway. Every time I look at the weather I look up at that western isle, it always seems to have a rain cloud over it! If I ever get the chance I would have to let Sensei Helen know I was going, the wee one has always wanted to get a little extra training in on the island as well.

Satori club - IJKA Crimea - Ukraine
You may have to travel a little further to visit Sensei Yuriy Kopeykin, you may also have a few problems obtaining the necessary permissions and visa as well. Sensei Brian Toomey 6th Dan - Chief Instructor of Ireland makes regular trips to the Ukraine to train with them, so their is someone available to explain how to get to the Satori dojo.
For the moment I think I will have to just follow "on line".
They must have perfect conditions for "Kangeiko" (cold/winter training) perhaps they will post some details soon?

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