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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Christmas display

On Sunday we held our Christmas display for family and friends. It was a very cold and icey night that unfortunately lead to a few of our members not being able to make it. Considering the weather we all did well even to get to the dojo.
The recently promoted Senei Dom took the warm ups followed by displays of Kihon, Kata and Kumite. This was followed by the presentation of the Sensei Jinks Cup and the club Christmas photo.
This was the forth year that the Sensei Jinks Cup has been presented and the recipient Lewis Coward was very surprised when his name was announced. The cup is awarded as a recognition of a students perseverance in training. It is awarded to a student that does not find karate an easy way to follow, but despite everything trains regularly and happy to progress at their own pace. Lewis has trained regularly, he attends the Wednesday sessions at Hambleton when ever he can, and has represented the SSKC at the JKS nationals in Nottingham.
Lewis, just enjoy your karate and keep depositing training hours in your karate bank.
It was a special honour that Lewis was presented his trophy by Sensei Trevor Jinks himself, Sensei you are a motivation influence to us all, Sensei Ni Rei, Osu!
Above: Sensei Trevor and Lewis

Unfortunately there are three of our instructors missing from our photo, Sensei Helen who is currently working in the South of the country and Sensei Ian Culpan and Rebecca Brant both who have had to take a short break from training. We hope to see you both back and training hard in 2010. Nidan gradings in December?

Above: The SSKC Christmas photo 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our members and friends, Osu!

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