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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Blog New Year Update

First Post - 29th August 2005
People have visited from 145 different countries in the last 2 years, the rankings are as follows - UK, USA, Ireland, Canada, Germany, France, Japan and Italy...
In 2009 we started with about 900 views per month and this rose to 1400 towards the end of 2009.

To ensure the blog loads fairly fast it is actually 17 blogs all linked together.
There is the main blog, the home page where there is currently 386 posts and the yellow buttons take you to separate blogs that have a very similar appearance like a fresh page on a website.

I saved my templates today to my hard drive, I last did this in April 2007 when it copied to 16 pages of HTML text, in the new format it was 235 pages of text. I thought I should also save the information posts from the various sections, but no time today (or in the near future).

Not sure where the blog is headed in 2010???
I estimate that I have spent approx 1000 hours developing the blog, if it ever crashed I don't think I would have the heart to start again. I have had many +ve comments from around the world about the karate tutorial and kata links to video footage. I will try and keep these sections up to date, but I think 2010 may bring a stronger focus on our club and its members. A little less blogging and a lot more karate, Osu!

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