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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Joe Varga - Yellow belt or Sensei?

Joe asked if he could see both myself and Ash tonight, to explain that tonight was his last night of training.
He trained in Switzerland for two years and has trained with us for a year now, since June 2006.
His Karate is of a high standard, it is obvious that he had good instructors in Switzerland.
He is a model student, attentive and with impeccable etiquette. He definitely had potential to develop to shodan and beyond.
Joe wants to explore other activities at this time and both Sensei Ash and myself wish you well. We have both enjoyed teaching you, you are a credit to your parents and yourself.
What has impressed us the most is that this young man once he made his choice, came to us and said he was leaving our club.
My own daughter had nearly two years without training at a similar age. Although we are always disappointed to loose a student we would never try and change their mind. However if you change your own mind you will receive a warm welcome back.
We have quite a few students that have returned to the way after 2, 3 or even more years off, if anything a returning student is often more committed.
I would ask all students of whatever association who find themselves in a similar position to follow Joe's example.
We have respect for all our students and we hope they have the same for us. It was an excellent example of etiquette for Joe to ask to speak to us in the way he did. Joe we salute you. Osu!
Joe may not be a Black Belt, but perhaps he is a Sensei (teacher) at just a yellow belt.
Joe will be 13 tomorrow, happy birthday Joe!

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